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  1. Brett Mostert


  2. Wendy Lang

    Thank you! Beautiful cards❤ I'm ready.

  3. Dharini Sings

    This is going to be a long comment Ria, but please bear with me and do read it if possible. I really need to communicate this to you. I really really hope that you read it 🙏. Your readings have been so wonderfully accurate, that I want to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart🙏🙏💜✨. Even though I recently subscribed to your channel, they have helped me heal at a huge level. So Thank you so much!!!

    I really want to elaborate on today's reading, so I request you to read this patiently as it is going to be long. I have been releasing past trauma and hurts in relationships since a long time now. After a lot of soul work, I am finally at peace with myself and my current situation in life. Complete healing still needs to be done, as there are scars from past wounds still etched within my soul. You were spot on with this with the death card. There is personal transformation happening in my life, slowly but definitely.

    Your reading about a Pisces experiencing a similar situation in life was accurate. She is my best friend (with whom I share a deep soul connection) and we both have been facing similar situations in life.

    I cannot even believe how accurate your past situation reading was. My parents helped and supported me throughout the emotional trauma and turbulence that I was undergoing. If not for them, I would never have survived.

    My present situation also resonated really well with what you said. I am focusing on igniting my passion for music and am putting a lot of effort in improving my singing skills.

    You were also right about the thing that I am closed to new love. Though you say that there is potential and abundance for new love, I am no more looking for romantic love. I have been there and was brutally betrayed, deceived and manipulated. I do not desire it anymore.

    I have my friends and family who truly and genuinely love me and I love them with all my heart as well. That is more than I can ask for from life. I have come to terms with it and am now content with my current situation in life. The only thing is, though I was able to initiate forgiveness, I am not able to forget the past. I have tried a lot to do so, but I think that is a typical cancerian trait that is ingrained in my nature. Doesn't budge. I will definitely continue to try and take efforts to let go relentlessly though.

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this comment🙏🙏. I just feel blessed to have come across you and your channel. Sending across lots of gratitude, peace, love and light 🙏💜✨

    PS: I have a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Rising 🙏

  4. AngelinaLuna

    Thank you

  5. Kathleen McCallum

    Thank you. I did release the old . I'm finally feeling much better now.

  6. Tony Hall

    Ria ..do you ever sleep ! 🤣😉👍lol..
    Thankyou xx..have a great Weekend too …( Bristol)

  7. Justine Simone

    Beautiful! Thank you. Great to hear. Reconciling with a Scorpio (ex love) now. I always felt it was our destiny. Our relationship isn’t yet defined (today 1/10. ) We’re older folks and trying to figure it out. He’s very fearful, perhaps new passions or growth will unfold? 🥂❤️❤️

  8. anartsil63

    I have Scorpio energy in my chart. Releasing the old that's what I did four days ago💜 cancer is the sun sign of the ex and I want him far from me. Grateful for the reading💜💜💜

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