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  1. Allay Muse

    no bs here only pure love and good vibes .

  2. Allay Muse

    this Cancerian rather be alone than put up with fake friendship some people think they could fool a Cancer never .

  3. Allay Muse

    Making stand for what's right !

  4. sl sl

    is as ariessss exactely our situation 😩

  5. Michelle Jackson


  6. Marianne Kunitz

    This reading resonates with me. Its true I refuse to be involved in any love affairs or anything of the kind at this time.. I have plans Im moving forward on. The guilty party that stole my ideas, my research and my energy with total selfishness can take his false regret and shove it. He is quite an egregious narcissist. He is worried about legal action being taken against him. Karma is real. I have seen it happen to people. He, mr. big shot narcissist will get his karma. This I know for sure.

  7. Amy Gomez

    Yes exactly what happened! Aww you caught it off. 😞 wow I was thinking Christmas because we first met last Christmas! Im hoping he comes back!(Cancer also)

  8. Lizzy Mputla

    I am a saggie, I have really checked out, but I still think about the cancer

  9. Rosa Falso

    Love your reading Sal ,so unique

  10. aiya roxas

    You’re a Filipino? Wow

  11. Kecis Jones

    Thank you 😊 Mr.Sal God bless you

  12. Gemini Wisdom

    Lovee your sweater!

  13. edwina agripa

    Thank you..i really love ur channel.

  14. Angel Ravelo

    Hi a Filipino fan here Sal!💖😍

  15. Shine Shine

    Can i ask something ? I always seeing no.333 . I wonder what is the meaning .

  16. India Love

    I love your sweat shirt💞

  17. Drishtii Grover

    Love your sweatshirt. Cant get my eyes off it and now I want it too 🙄😂

  18. Miss Taurus

    Oh wow , are u God or what hahahahha , I watched ur reading about me , Taurus and him cancer andddddddd that’s exactly what’s going. On between us right now 🙈, hopefully we’re not end up yet as me sent message to cut him off last week and no communication at all right now , cuz very difficult situation between me and him , LDR , still waiting for him message me first to get me back 🤞🏼, thx Sal , u have new fans now from Bali , Indonesia 🙏🏻

  19. art angel

    I wish he would quit coming back without commitment🙄 It's been going on for 5 months since I cut him off . He keeps coming back for sex … 😠 I won't be used

  20. nokukhanya buthelezi

    Gosh why are you so accurate today sal 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  21. melanie humphrey

    Thanks hun always love your readings don't leave comments much though. You make me laugh such positive energy even if the reading doesn't resonate. Bless you xx

  22. Illiterati

    Bruh. He IS travelling to me my state from another country i just found out and am shooketh.. I am fucking baffled as to why he didn't say anything to me about it despite the fact that we talk allllll the time. I'm a Cancer moon this is almost horrifyingly accurate

  23. rivière de l'amour

    My name on ur t shirt. Nice sal ❤️

  24. Marisam Lovendino

    Lots of love Sal 💓,this reading is like my life right now… missing him soo much but I can't reach out,I'm just waiting 😢😢😢

  25. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal.

  26. Shadiieyah Ayesha Siddique

    You are filipino sal wow😍

  27. Mistica rosy


  28. ishtar0077

    I don't agree with no free will. Yes I can't control another person. But I can control myself and cut any contract i have in this life time. Any choice would be right one and they have as much meaning as the others.

  29. NaraNara Mango

    Planning to have relaxation time this week. I wish the one who have checked out is a water sign, not the Capricorn with Sagittarius moon.. :')

  30. d Arcilla

    Are you a Filipino sal?

  31. Sela Bmeskel

    I love your readings sal!! You are such a gifted reader thank you 🙏🏻

  32. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u🌹✌🏾

  33. Ashley Reynolds

    Call us fellow sal-ers

  34. L M

    I need this sweatshirt Sal! Where is it from?

  35. Lil Campos

    Omg Sal's Aesthetic is soooo cool and Beautiful 😱

  36. LyndaGFavorites

    Cancer in the north node. Last of my four videos tonight. Thank you Sal. You’re so on point tonight it’s pretty amazing. Hope they clear up the construction soon. I like getting your reads in the a.m. hugs 🤗

  37. shawnnsmit

    Please do Sagittarius. Cant wait 😬😬😬

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