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  1. It's The Undisputed Sag Boo

    😂😂😂 The way you break down law of attraction & manifesting is hilarious but Very true lol. Sag here crosswatching

  2. peas are green, yah know

    Thank you princess. You are awesome sauce. This is a true turning point for me.. Iyff ✨👑😘

  3. CynSational Goddess

    On point! 👌🏾

  4. 私の大きなペニスを吸う

    Show me you're whole body

  5. theGuardian

    on point

  6. Tiana Thomas

    Exactly what I needed to hear thank you 😊

  7. Carly White

    Girlll…. You're so on point! Feel connected to your readings 💫 why did it take so long to find you lol.. thanks for all your work 🔥🥰

  8. M M

    Dropping a shoutout for Cappies ♑️

  9. Mike Best


  10. Claudia Petit

    Appreciate this reading so much as it resonated with me so deeply especially the message at the end! I myself am wanting to pursue a career in self help as it has helped myself too and I want to do that for someone else! Beautiful amazing I love it! And it was what I needed to hear I definitely have some work to do on my core beliefs thank you so much, I love your channel I just recently found you and will now be a loyal subscriber as I love your energy and authenticity ☺️



  12. naeshawn01

    Thanks so much for this reading because I do needed this. I came to this realization in last month but didn’t know how to overcome those negative thoughts.

  13. Deedy Thomas

    makes sense, i finally understand the message.

  14. Tracy Johnson

    Peace and love…Great video ❤🌹

  15. Rai Nicole

    Dangggh how many readings you goin to do for cancer back to back ???
    What about ♈️ Aries

  16. Shantel Flemming

    For the 9 999999999999!!!!! 😂😂😂

  17. WebzyWongie 90

    True about our thoughts and words it's a challenge..

  18. This Aint Disney Tarot The Seeing Arts

    I had a double mastectomy in june 2017. I was drawn to tarot, out of the blue, all while 3 years before Something or someone began to 'haunt me'. Literally things being knocked over, partial dream states: spirit knocked on my bedroom door. Fast forward to last week when spirit didn't knock, but I awoke to the sound of a door opening and no door opened. In the last reading you said "A Walk-In" …I had a flashback back of the sensation of spirit knocking on the door and then years later now just opening it. Im still trying to understand the message and how it interacts with your message, but you said Walk – In and the OMG dropped jaw moment occurred and It was as if I knew something that either has not yet happened or that has buy spirit is trying to show me. Idk…that sounds crazy, but ive been experiencing spirit since childhood and anything is possible. Either i am the walk-in after my mastectomy since i was under anesthesia over 12 hours and in ICU for 2 days, or spirit just walked in my door without knocking, last week, because Im about to have an experience that Im being prepared for. I know this is gonna sound even crazier but I read my own cards two years ago almost 3, and I asked "when will i die?" And legit i got the temperance card = all i saw was the triangle shape and the half in half out with the road behind him leading to the light. I said "Im gonna die in an accident and im gonna see the ambulance with a red and white cross under me and a light above"….you said accident and walk in…also 333 haunts me. Within 3 years I will have 3 calls from spirit [two have already happened]: the knocking, the opening, and now I wait for the Walk In – i just got huge ass chills 👀😱

  19. WebzyWongie 90

    Thank you for sharing ,these past years have been so hard ..Today was horrible had a big breaking point crying..

  20. Iteasia Morsby

    Wow!!! Resonated in all aspects of life!!! Thank you.

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