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  1. Shirley Ortiz

    My bf is an Aries. Last week I asked to see his phone and his reaction left a deep feeling in my stomach and now I don’t trust him. So many little details in between but I’m so stuck.

  2. Robin Miles

    Funny!! I had an immediate connection with someone that ended as quick as it started. There is physical space between….thank heavens! Love your energy. Thank you!!

  3. Magdalena Amarilla

    Thanks for your reading beautiful ♥️🙏🌷

  4. Willamette Stone

    Im cancer but Im on the recieving end. I was sobbing through out the whole thing. Because you're right. I dont have other options. He's my only option. I dont know what to do. I dont want to hold him back. I wanna support him in everything…I sound like a horrible person…but i really dont know what to do….

  5. RuchiraaJ S.

    Lost my ten of cups 🙂

  6. Shu Love

    This is scarily accurate🐬 Thank you so much🙏

  7. Soraya Abadou

    It’s the Scorpio that left there is no chasing and nobody wants to stick around

  8. Soraya Abadou

    The one leaving is the one who doesn’t know what to do. Scorpio dealing with a Cancer. Mother and son relationship

  9. Charl moon

    You said Scorpio and then said about the heart chakra I'm dealing with a cancer he won't talk to me

  10. Alana B

    He doesn't really want a relationship with me he just doesn't want anyone else to have me

  11. Alana B

    If he doesn't want to be with me then he should move out of my house… I'm not stopping him…

  12. Tabitha Warner

    Eggs in one basket yea cuz we were n a relationship for 2 yrs so of course there wouldn’t be anybody else. He def selfish after two years he gone tell me he not ready so he can continue to sleep with other people idc cancer men hecka selfish

  13. Tabitha Warner

    Sounds right with his cheating cancer ass guess he doesn’t love his Scorpio anymore

  14. Anne JT

    Those opportunities. been seeing 777 and prioritizing myself. its a reassurance

  15. Tia Brown

    Omg this is me! I'm having a hard time letting go. The roles are definitely reversed. 😭😭

  16. Tia Brown

    Cancer moon here and I wish he would blow my phone up. According to my Taurus sun reading, now isn't the time for us and it hurts so bad. He's a Pisces 😭

  17. lungowe kashina

    I'm On The receiving end of it but watching this has given me perspective 💓

  18. Jamie Powell

    He is a lying narcissistic manipulator. Will show up where I am and stare. Done with the past. I love myself more than to be treated poorly.

  19. alicia Blanding

    🤷🏽‍♀️ sick of the disappointments, I gave so much and feel like I waisted so much fuckin time….

  20. windblosthru

    i have been put through hell for years, court cases defending lies, my son stolen from me, everything i own stolen from me, a legal bill for tens of thousands of dollars, and i haven't taken a single action against this person to date. I can feel her falling, and i will not be there for her, who is she, she is the Leo asking you for food, WANTING TO WALK ALL OVER YOUR KEY PAD,

  21. sasha daugherty

    My eyes filled with tears! Spot on!

  22. kristinahanks

    Dating a cancer and I'm a cancer myself I'm lost not knowing what to do he seems obsessed with me but at the same time I felt he tried killing me then not telling the full truth on a situation saying things that never happened when I was there to see it myself I don't Know if he ment to wreck his car putting me and 3 children in danger in the roll over but I feel that was his intentions by him driving so fast and hitting the pot hole that made us flip the car.

  23. Lisa Harris

    That man mess around on for 10 years now it's over for me don't love him at all

  24. StarsNSpoons

    Not that you need it, but just here to give you validation. Once again felt like I was getting a private reading. This was unbelievably on point. There’s a lot of love, but I got enough space to realize I’m so done. Not a romantic relationship, but a very old one that runs deep. Thank you so much, this was awesome.

  25. Yuli Babaev

    He left (he’s a cancer) than tried coming back. I told him no he was my everything. Pisces here. Yup I told him u leave we are done. Purging focusing on me my career etc

  26. Belle Katene

    I just love love love how on point u are in all ur readings ❤❤❤ My ex partner(Scorpio) of 14years an i have separated 2months ago and im definitely finding myself agen. Everyday he txts and rings but my heart is telling me to move on, been hurt to much to try agen. We have two kids
    (a aries and a leo) so he'll always be apart of our lives and ill always love him but i believe we are definitely ova.

  27. Nae'da Love

    ……….we have a child together…..and i said to him for years before we had her wat are we doing? I really can't do this anymore but the baby I guess makes him feel he will always have me……

  28. ItzShawn2thatay

    This is so true my ex I loved her but she wont let go so much hurt excuses on there end I feel horrible because she was a gud girl Just not for me I tried to help her I did but I can't continue to be miserable I want more she was totally co dependent and still is 100 missed calls today and I just wanna be happy no hard feelings but I have someone that makes me happy I had to put her out and let go I feel so bad man but it's not fair to me her energy is so horrible I feel this change coming for me and I know I can't take her I thank u so much this has truly helped me.

  29. Mae Castle

    Thank you so much for being dedicated to readings you have a beautiful gift

  30. Aeisha Vaughan

    Double Virgo, Cancer Rising and my husband is Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising and you hit the nail on the head

  31. Denise Lawson


  32. M B

    Yes. You're right on. I've given too much. It got the best of me. He never wanted to fix the root of the problem. Analogy his cars kept breaking he only fixed the parts but it kept breaking. How interesting. I had to break up because he treated me like my feelings and concerns were unimportant. Yet I was there for him through and after 2 deaths of his close friend and life companion. He promised me marriage live and stability and a good life. All it ever really was though was false promises. He had only the intention to keep me around by making these promises and doing nothing to make it reality💔💔💔 he triangulate all communication between me and his friends and family and yes he dragged me down. I went through 3 job changes a car accident, other health issues and he was never there for me. He always blamed me for everything as to why nothing was moving forward. It devolved into heartbreak, loss of dreams, disappointment, disrespect and him liking it that way the whole time…it was always all about him, then he began recently to ghost me.

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