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  1. Shooting Staraptor

    Sal you don't seem you're happy self today!!!

  2. Elva P

    As usual you are great ! Thank You.

  3. Queenly Queenly

    All is accurate. I am codependent. He is not responsible. He is so immature. He is like a child. I am exhausted from this

  4. November Angel 77

    I have cancer in my Jupiter!! For some reason these reads resonate alot with me more. That burden is his energy.. Thats good to know .. You right am done with this back and forth bs!!

  5. R-Dre Nelson

    💯 true… went through a toxic relationship and doing victory self love…😎💜🤗

  6. G- Chill TV and Music Bites

    My cancer is not doing anything. Sigh.

  7. Gie Pascual

    Yes it sad to belong to someone else… When d ryt one comes along 🙁

  8. Danger Mouse

    love your guts Sal ♥️

  9. Pele Kama

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💙this is me to my now Cancer ex. Hilarious and so on point. I can't get rid of his clinging crabby ass until i got the law involved which makes me soooo happy.

  10. Anj Love01

    Pakilike pakishare pakipost paki lang para mapahinga hehe. 💕

  11. Sarah

    Not really a believer of zodiac tarot reading, but this is accurate asf

  12. hayley will

    Hahahaaa we love you sal… Energetic or not… You're the Best 💕

  13. sl sl

    totally resonates to me love you sal ❤️

  14. Debbie C.

    I need a new cycle!

  15. Mike Best

    Damn your good ..😎

  16. Wayne Kona

    Hi Sal.. 💕 💕 Love ur tattoos 😍😍

  17. free spirit

    dealing with saggitarius and he is driving me crazy he doesn't know what he wants and iam fed up with him. i decided to give up on him for good

  18. sarah alnd

    Hi, can you please loading the other video

  19. leina preya

    what about moon sign?

  20. Adrienne Viney

    Well one thing I can honestly say is.. This Capricorn Moon has never taken advantage of any Cancerian energies.. So wouldn't apply to myself.. As I operate independently and listen overall to myself.. So if Cancerian is having co-dependency issues with someone, how awful.. God I can understand their need to breathe.. But then some Cancerians can be very manipulative and controlling. Never bodes well for a relationship.. Never Sal… The Devil needs a holy fire.. You got any matches.. Thank you Sal.. Love n light Adrienne ☀️

  21. Adrienne Viney

    Hello SAL, I'm crosswatching here, because whatever effects my moon in Capricorn effects Cancerian energy as well and vise versa.. So that's why I'm here, not that I have to mention my opposite number.. And what a sexy opposite number it is Sal 69 you know what I mean… Yin/Yang.. Anyway Sal without further ado.. I'm listening to you.. Lol 😁👍xx Adrienne 🙌😇☀️🙏xx

  22. Elma Garza

    Sal can you ask your bestie if he has a child with someone else, because he doesn't like to communicate. I always did the work and he did nothing. He is very manipulative.

  23. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal….God bless u….

  24. Laurie Warrick

    the Gap brand comment lol!

  25. Ci Butterfly Sunflower

    Having my coffee as usual and watching you spread you happiness, good energy and amazing vibes to all of us…to the world.
    Ps. Yeah, we understand you want to go "151" days coffee free BUT the amount of work you have the amount of energy you spent doing this great work for all of US, SERIOUSLY YOU CAN AND NEED TO HAVE A LEAST 1 CUP OF COFFEE A DAY and keep up the awesome smile and jokes as naturally as you are with or without ☕

  26. Julie Harding

    Sal I’m drinking coffee now lol while I’m watching you 😊👍🌻

  27. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u🌹I'm so looking at your Rolex instead. 😂👍🏾✌🏾 No love, too tired, trying to count Pentacles, better I think. Yes, Freedom! 🕊️🌟🕊️

  28. Emmanuel Padron

    That song sounds fire 🔥 good song u pick

  29. KathyMP P

    Napatimpla din ako ng kape kaw kasi lol masakit na ulo ko buset haha

  30. Grace Ellis

    Sag cross watcher here! He’s the Cancer. the Cancer always called me immature because he wanted to only have sex with me no strings attached. the Cancer is getting married 6/20/20. this Sag is not going to be # 2 to no other women. the Cancer texted me today. i did not respond. until the Cancer can offer me better than what he’s offering his future wife… I SHALL NOT respond to him. i know Who i am, WHO’S i am & what i have/can offer. respectfully i am a diamond. the Cancer thought that he was gonna have his cake & eat it too. he can w/o this Sag being an ingredient!😜

  31. whyme6911


  32. oshandi madawala

    Sal u soo sweet 💐

  33. Mehrnoush A.

    Love ya

  34. Melissa Davis

    Love you 😍
    Don’t drink coffee!
    Love ur self first !!
    It is the Secret!
    Thank you for ur Service and Guidance
    🙄🙏🏻 😇

  35. Wendy Lang

    Thank you Sal, rings 100% true

  36. jazh raum

    Salamat ng marami sal😉😊…. thank you for the nice reading😊

  37. Angel Killuminati


  38. Sara P

    I actually like you mellow yellow 🎶

  39. TaTa Kamal

    Love u sal ❤️❤️ thanks for this lovely reading

  40. Suzy x

    Yes , but there is always hope and when it's meant to be it's meant to be. And postive, positive. Communication, expectations, and reciprocity.

  41. Marie Thomas

    Thank God u went back to coffee ☕️🤣.

  42. NaraNara Mango

    Mm-hmm.. 🧡

  43. Linda Martinez


  44. Darshana Chauhan

    Thanks for going back to coffee and intutives❤️❤️

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