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  2. Jam Tadena

    Hi Sal 👋 ❤

  3. Melody Miller

    ♋ for first time ghosted me 1
    wk out blue text me he miss me wants to see me no no no no I

    Was so stressed out. want to
    Come back I was just fine wit
    Dissapear act not run no man

    He trying to save us we have
    Great energy but he hiding?
    I care for him but don't want

  4. Nikki 0988

    100 percent true! I am the one in panic and the one trying to save the connection and praying every day, sadly. Praying for things to turn around.. I wish all of our prayers are not in vain and justice will be served for those who deserve it. Thank you Sal.

  5. danfun008

    what do you mean when you say looking from your masculine energy and feminine energy? How does that work I watch for my ascendent and sun. Thank you

  6. Alya Al

    Am Sagittarius cross watcher …… my cancer guy isn’t clear what he wants not expressing or giving me much hope to hold on so I decided to stop talking to him today we live at a distance too much sadness for me if he values me he will make the effort to keep me

  7. Kim Kovach

    Dealing with Sag… he has to be the one freaking out… I'm fine being single. Thank you Sal for your reading, time and energy. Love and light 🙏💗

  8. Jewels

    I see an ending for cancer man and Capricorn woman!!

  9. geeta saraswat

    Be or not to be
    But u always meant to be for clearing up negativity from our lives.
    Thank you…

  10. serendipity believer

    😏got no time for your shit take your shit and move

  11. Black Angel 89

    I was called to just have fun..dance, sing & laugh. That is how the story i accidentally saved the relationship..😂😂

  12. Jamaica Gold

    Cancer 🌞 ~ Thank You for the reading ~💜

  13. July Wishes

    LOL.. classic cancer!

  14. Marianne Kunitz

    Im very busy. Thats the problem.

  15. Faye Ann Acuram

    Salamat Sal

  16. Kara Overstreet

    scorpio cross watcher here, im the one that has been praying for this connection😔

  17. ialt1373

    Really love ur sense of humor…lol

  18. Taylor Johnson


  19. KristineMomoa

    Sal, can you make video for cusp sign also?

  20. betty magnusson


  21. Izabela Hys

    Exactly as you saying lol

  22. Syam Walker

    Thank you so much for the reading, but you are funny 🙂

  23. Snigdha Borah

    All in the hands of God. May god be merciful to us.

  24. Helen J. Goh

    Jajaa… So funnie you! Thank u🌹🕊️🌟🤲🏾

  25. Snigdha Borah

    True. Very true. Dealing with a pisces.

  26. The Gemini Club

    Yuck Sal,
    It’s beyond creepy when the person you don’t want to be with, interferes with your private life, relocates to Sydney from America but even worse when you realise they can see your house from theirs 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    He can sit into my backyard from where he is. That’s beyond messed up

  27. Debra Harris

    U r so funny Sal…the one is panicking is the one that cheated and was married and the other one singing the song dont give an f…now…this is the story of my guy and his ex that is married….thank u and God bless u

  28. Debra Harris

    Thank u Sal..I have Cancer sun

  29. Frozen Fire

    My ex from 1 year ago which is Gemini trying to come back in my life ,but I love my Pisces who broke my heart 1 month ago. I'm still hurting, but I do love him. But my ex Gemini keep pursuing me but I don't love him anymore. I don't know what to do with this Pisces.

  30. Vaidehi

    plz share ur music playlist sal' :)..thnk you

  31. Mistica rosy


  32. Kate Sheraton

    Cancer is always oblivious to the other one’s pain😂 Feeling the connection slip away and it’s breaking my heart

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