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  1. Edith Lee

    When r u going to read for aries?

  2. V S

    You are beautiful inside and out…such a soothing sound and personality…You literally read me.. Love from a Cancerian woman.🦀🍀♋I cried watching this video.. Taken for granted.. I need attention… All true☹️But Scorpio husband emotionally manipulates me😪

  3. Ajita Mishra

    I feel so understood …thank you so much ma'am 😃

  4. Gaurabee Thapa

    💜💜💝you look beautiful ma'am as always 😘😚 Actually no words left to compliment on you ,your way of reading and anlayzing is always superb .Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge with us 🙏😊

  5. nuzhat Baloch

    I totally agree with you….! my sister is cancerian she always saves for future likes to buy gold etc and keeps… very caring. she is so clever

  6. Bindu K Nair


  7. Lucky Marcellia

    My moon in Cancer, so resonated with me 😊💕
    Thank you so much and always adore with your explanation zodiac sign, specially my zodiac sign, Pisces Sun and moon in Cancer. Love being water sign.
    Looove you and Bless you always 😘❤❤❤

  8. Divya Lamba

    Soo true..!! ❤❤❤❤

  9. Smita Sardana

    So so soòoo…..true. You explained cancer woman very very well. I luv your readings. Thank you so much..🙏🙏

  10. Ashutosh Patel

    I've been with my better half for more than 8 years. She'd grown up with a very much depressed life by her younger sisters and I've given her time, suggestions and support with a great deal of patience. But after passing almost two years I lost my wit and in last two years I've hearted a lot. And definitely I was in the way to get a separation, but just on 28/08/2019 I talked her over the phone in pleasant mood, perhaps realizing it that she is not wrong that much as I thought about Her. And on 30/08/2019 I told her to meet at my place and I asked her for giving me a forgiveness for my all mistakes and misbehaviour. And since 28/09/2019 I have never given a chance for even once to make her feel uncomfortable. And surely, I have promised her that there will not be any moment when you're going to get anything bad from me. And this 02/09/2019, after watching this video I'd like to say only one thing that I've got a Diamond I've become the fortunest one. The way you describe the people, it seems You've lived up the life of all the Zodiacs. Salute to You Mam…

  11. Rechell Cane

    im a cancerian women,,thank you very much for that

  12. Manita Karki

    Cancerian people is very nice zodiac sign.

  13. Sweet Caramel

    I Thank You for this video Beautiful Calming soothing Voice I have to learn to be good to myself because a lot of times I Work so much I'm exhausted I am learning each day how to nurture myself and take care of My Mind Body and Spirit God Bless You Sister ❤🌈🙏🏽👑❤❤❤❤💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  14. M Chhajed

    So perfect 😲👍👏

  15. Elena Adamovic

    I love how you share parts of your life as examples for us.

  16. Srimathy Thirumal

    Thank u for the requested video…😍… Upload more for cancers… Enjoyed d cancerian moonlight mam…🤩

  17. nandita satpati

    Ohhh ma'am each word goes so well with me….🥰🥰 Just thanks a lot for this Vedio I'm gonna share this video with the people who doesn't understand me 😋😋

  18. boom business

    plz do a video on Cancer Man

  19. jeevi tha

    Thank u mam "cherish her" I love those words from u…

  20. Pilateshottie

    So spot on!! I haven’t encountered anyone who knows and cares so much about giving information and descriptions of the signs! I can say that all this definitely applies to me and it’s cool seeing how I didn’t even realize some of these things are my strong points. I could honestly listen to your videos all day sine they’re so uplifting and your voice is so soothing ✨✨ thank you so much for another video and have a great day!!

  21. Monika Singh

    Eagerly waiting to listen about Taurus women

  22. Ocean Lover

    My precious mother is cancerian. I am beyond blessed and fortunate!

  23. Pallavi Pandya

    My respected Dear Roshan Sylvia ji You are absolutely right million times right whatever you say about cancer ladys
    Thank you so so much for the right statement and making understand other peoples how they should treat us I mean cancer women’s
    Lots of love care and respect and lots of blessings from me to you and also views and beautiful universe 😍😘🥰🧚🏻‍♀️💃😍🌻🧜‍♀️💐🌻🎹🎤🌺😘🌚🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌙🌎⭐️🌈⛈☀️
    I’m praying for each and everyone we all should get what we want in life I know it’s really hard but it’s nice if we pray for each other and spread the love in everyone’s Life so world can be really beautiful and peaceful thank you so much 🎹🎤😍😘💃🥰🙏❤️🙏🙏☮️🙏🙏

  24. Miss AK

    Omg you was reading me, this made me cry 😢

  25. Billie

    I can hold a grudge for 554 years as a 🦀…

  26. kayla white

    Spot on!🦄

  27. R Portugie

    Thank you sooo much!❤

  28. AssaultedPeanutt

    Miss Sylvia, I have a question. My sister in law is a cancer and she has turned against the entire family because she wouldn't let them interact with her kids and they got upset. Now it's been an all out war between them for three years. No one is allowed to hold, spend time with or take pictures of/with her kids. So yes, I'm seeing the possessiveness, and I understand there's a certain way her husband has to handle her but what about us, the grandparents and uncles and aunts of her children? We love them but we are missing out on their lives because of her. I'm pretty attentive to what goes on and I don't feel anyone did anything to deserve this extent of backlash. I'm a Pisces, but a "seasoned" one, so I've managed to stay out of the thick of the battle. I've learned to pick my battles in life. But I'm still affected as I'm not allowed to just go and spend time with her children freely. Do we just have to now accept that we can't be a big part of their lives? I just don't understand how it came to this. I've always been willing to giver her space and not cross boundaries, and I'm a very loving and helpful aunt so this seems a bit drastic.

    I'll also add she has never treated me fairly since the day I met her even though I basically let her walk all over me. She hurt my sensitive Pisces heart more times than I can count, and I still treated her with respect. But that was years ago. Eventually I just gave up and protected my heart. But I have to say, she may be sensitive but she can be quite mean too. Maybe we are just a bad match. I'm not sure. Any advice? I can explain more if you'd like.

  29. Lavi P.

    What a beautiful video… just like all the other videos… I love your wisdom, mysticism and elegance!! You know us so well…. I'm a crab sun and Scorpio rising which unlike other cancerian ladies makes me extremely blunt…. I used to be too giving but now I've changed and I'm very selective … I know my value now and I don't like being fooled anymore… you truly explained in the best way I've ever heard…and I will apply your advice…. I'm a great motivator and I love seeing my friends succeding in life…. you are very gifted! 🙏🌹🌹🌹 Thank you! God bless you!!!!

  30. nia singh

    Please can u make video on scorpio moon man ?

  31. Courtney Burkepile

    I feel so much better inside after watching your video. Thank you so much❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸

  32. octaviawright26

    You described me so well omg 😍

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