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  1. Danger Mouse

    come to australia Sal ♥️

  2. TheCraftingDude

    I thought this cancer man been in dark nd lonely nd waiting for my msg…i just msg him for his goodness but he didnt reply back…i shouldnt txt him

  3. Alejandra Sierra

    Your apartment looks beautiful 😍

  4. smike digby

    I wish my person will remember what I told him," I'll still love him even after his beauty fades, or no matter how old he is. Even if he became an ugly ogre." Thanks for the reading.

  5. Sua Koko

    Omg exactly my ex boyfriend he getting old part. And am waiting on a guy I really like..

  6. Bella Graham

    I’m trying so hard to let go of a Virgo. He moved on so fast from me and it hurts. I feel stupid caring so much when he doesn’t care at all. I just wish I had someone who made me feel wanted.

  7. Margart Witt

    It's them 🌟

  8. Gwen Delighted

    In in hermit mode because of a Virgo sun & I'm Cancer why? Do I keep getting the Virgo males in my life?..Been a stressful week.

  9. Louise Torres

    This is my exact situation. I’m a cancer. I’m dealing with a Virgo. I’m waiting for him to reach out. I can’t let go. But maybe I should.

  10. Jamaica Gold

    Cancer 🌞

  11. OnitsukaTiger82

    Good riddance to that 'other person'. pile of shit cheating little slut deserves a painful and slow, lonely death.

  12. Antika Chakraborty


  13. oliunidis

    My cancerian don’t make any move…it’s just me trying to reaching out him..I’m crosswatcher earth sign. I dreamed of him every night and also my dreams he don’t talk… that’s me waiting for a message…

  14. Bren N.

    Sal.. this is truly amazing.. I am a virgo.. you see me post all the time in my virgo readings.. my person is a cancer.. my venus is in cancer! ihe has been ghosting me.. tried reaching out.. This is so not like me to put my head in a guillotine. i dont chase.. against my nature i respect free will.. and so watching his videos feels wrong to me.. but this is so on the money.. im on a journey of self discovery because i believe a whole me is necessary. im trying to understand what it means to be lightworker. but the dreams and manifestations are just extra ordinary.. we have full conversations while in dream state.. YES i know this sounds crazy.. Trust me im educated i know.. i know he is reading the few text i have dared to send.. clever virgo.. but he doesn't want to disappoint me yet again.. he never has!! its forced me to go inward.. i know this journey is not about happily ever after and union.. its about self mastery.. standing up for oneself.. and seeing that the love you give is the love you can always count on! and so i give..freely and unconditionally.. No expectations.. Ty sal.. my Cup is full.. want some?.. 🙏Namaste!!

  15. Miss Taurus

    🙈🙊🤣 u reading mine Taurus and him cancer with 100% resonates, I’m a girl sal so let man do their job , chase the queen , beside I did tell him before that I like him from first I met him then he being cold after he’s chasing me , so I cut him off and he’s reaching me out but now back to holding his feeling again and none messages from me either after he’s sending me text 2 weeks a go , we’ll see what happen 😬

  16. raj raja

    What is MIA…

  17. Claire De La Lune

    No shock here, just another no 🙄 Try again next month. Same thing 6yrs on

  18. free spirit

    u just desctibed him and me he is the zombie 🤣

  19. juLY moonchild

    I'm hurt.
    I'm really really hurt.
    All I insist is love but what I got is Pain.

    If he doesn't love me anymore because he let go of me that easily and having a hard heart inspite of me humbling myself, I can't understand why he doesn't rejecting me directly. I even beg for my rejection. I'm being stupid asking for that turning down because that's exactly what he made me feel.😭 but still, I know I will love my virgo for the rest of my life.

  20. Snigdha Borah

    Y is this that we cancer have to go through hopelessness and be left out and the one who uses and hurts us gets all the leisure and happiness. What are we cancerians?? Is it destined that we cancerians born to be butchered??? Do good and receive loneliness and tears

  21. Luno Quattuor

    Well shockingly i resonated with this

  22. CLAUDIA Williamson

    MIA is me I'm cancer ♋ unresponsive, not dealing with people or the fact I rejected a work colleague and resigned 😐 it's a weight off my shoulders left a toxic work environment. 😏🙄👏Earth signs please fix up before approaching me, I'm a Cancerian and very sensitive to nonsense 😣😅💯

  23. Alfaranas Family

    Hi Sal I really want to be in that meeting but am like in the other side of the world 😭😭 when you said LA I was 😟 but I like all your videos thank you it always resonate with me.. 🙏🙏

  24. water baby

    Scorpio is a player

  25. Mila T

    The only person I know who will be like this is Aquarius, he’s always on & off depressed. And I’m getting frustrated too. Thanks 🙏

  26. yvette cruz

    Yes this sounds like me Aries. I’m not feeling well. My ex a cancer who deceived me. In a way that I never had expected. I looked up to him. Today I am trying to find myself. Sal it’s true I seem to not be able to disconnect. I never received an apology. I can’t seem to reach out to him because as an Aries I’m very stubborn but realistic.

  27. Tabbassum Jahan

    I am waiting for delivery in end of October or before 3rd November as I am almost near to my due date. My husband is Virgo . Hoping for the best.

  28. Nol

    She has been through alot. The Cancer damn near destroyed her, plus she is not dealing with a full deck. He took advantage of this young girl. Used and abused.

  29. lou zinini

    Thanks for the new posting time Sal 😊

  30. Agent Crema

    Thank you for the reading! 💜

  31. Roxana Malkawi

    Omg .you just described me. An walking zombie..is true. I am in this stage since July this year when my cancer broke up with me. I am scorpio

  32. Jennifer Medina

    He is in jail

  33. Christine Canty

    I'm the Virgo hermit. I'm in healing mode and need a surgical procedure. I can't see my cancer the way I am.

  34. Roxana Malkawi

    I'm crosswacher for cancer and i just text him..:)

  35. Aileen Bermas

    Hi sal my favorite 😍

  36. Power Of The P


  37. whyme6911

    Thank you

  38. Shamir Kunnig

    When you just said sleep paralysis, my eyes widened. This is my reading then. He got sleep paralysis most of the time. 😲

    Dealing with a fire sign.

  39. Alysia Villanueva

    ♋ is still hopeful even after everything ♎ says it's over idk tho they always come BK who knows if it comes back it's yours


    Loved your tarot deck❤️which deck used ❤️i wanted to buy

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