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  1. Aprize13 Henry

    You're too hilarious with the voices – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the humour, omg – keep doing it this way – yup, doing me – doing just fine…yes, will take the 6inch heels. HAHA

  2. Rav3r916

    ASMR PLEASE! LOL! A reading that will take you on a spiritual journey in your dreams.

  3. Monalisa Hughes

    Id love for you to do a Video Thankyou hugs

  4. Monalisa Hughes


  5. Monalisa Hughes

    Youre funny hugs bud

  6. Monalisa Hughes

    Thankyou sweetie

  7. Monalisa Hughes

    Im getting my life together

  8. Monalisa Hughes


  9. Steph H.

    You just need to be a radio host. Love that voice girl.

  10. Mia Vargas

    IVE Neva seen your reading and sis imma head out 💀😂 you had mee screaming I love ittt💜💜💜

  11. Nayanka C Francisco

    Lmao you're funny with this lil Lauryn Hill karaoke

  12. Naki Alaiyo

    I’ve never dated an earth sign! Hmmmm….

  13. Marlin Nazarian


  14. K'arma Lynnox

    Yes, please. My hand is raised for a ASMR video kween.

  15. Christina Orisha

    I’m now dating an earth sign who dotes on meeeee. Drove apmspt
    300 miles to pick me up and drop me off and back again from the airport. Who does that!? Keeping this one. Oooo the connection! A real man. Finally! He does watch me sleep, then woke me up to uh… put waking up with coffee in the shaaaaaade. 😉 We’re literally coming home 🏠

  16. yolanda ibanez

    Yassss thank you 🖤

  17. Clara Bowling

    Love you girl! Right on spot! Lake Tahoe, sounds great!!! Thanks for the inspiration and blessings ♥🙏♥

  18. I AM Champion Carl DeGennaro

    Yes I was falling asleep to your soothing voice Thank You are a Beautiful Soul and Being Thank You ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦁🐯😊

  19. Adam & Lucian

    Awesome- so intuitive. Happy New Year- Subscribed!!

  20. Pragmatic Mystic

    Doo Wop (that thing)
    Artist: Ms. Lauren Hill

  21. Keyna

    I have been listening to that song for the last two weeks. Lol. This is a sign. (Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem!)

  22. MBova

    You stay on.
    ♤sA♤ We don't let the Ace fool us!
    Much Love to you!!!

  23. Christine Canty

    I'm the virgo. I've waited 20 years for my TF cancer and I told him that 3 months ago.
    I know he has to get stuff settled before he can come to me. He is divorcing his karmic. Do another 6 to 8 months will give me more time to work on myself.
    Thank you.

  24. Seep Bhatia

    Amazing reading… Resonates so much.. Thank you love


    I'm done with you.

  26. CaseyM 1111

    Tahoe is for meeee! Love you & your reads. Every time!

  27. I am pure Love

    It hurt like hell I had to let go of a Virgo he left me in the cold only came in for sex then left again as much as I love him he hurt me 😢 I think he was cheating was still a player still healing

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