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  1. Crystal Unicorn

    Sal stop stalking me! Lmao where are you hiding the camera 😂🤣🎥 I had take out that came in boxes also in 5d he got into my "blackbox" which only awakened soul ties can enter. I'm interested in my ex flat mate a pisces who has gone back to his country Italy. Damn your reads are too accurate.

  2. Ginger M

    😬BOX….sort of guilty he he he

  3. carolyn prior

    I love you 💕❤️sal

  4. edelie cinena

    OKAY 😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Leena

    Well done, he went away with no reason and I can sense that it's something to do with problems he has on side. Because I didn't do anything, everything was okay and all of suddenly he just packed his stuff, went away, didn't say a word.

  6. Leizel Amido

    It's J sal 😉 and he's a pisces 🙂

  7. юзу мей

    g is my initial.. her is t.. ldr.. and shes the one who wants to travel.. but since she mixed the connection with a 3rd party bicurious lustful taurus, everything went suspicious.. she was busy.. i walked away.. ghosted her.. done.. i love her.. theres no doubt about that..

  8. Marianne Kunitz

    I cut off a person I was in love with. I had valid reasons. It is funny if he is saying he rejected me after I cut him off! Lol. I know some guys talk the nonsense!

  9. Jenifer Come

    On point.. Sal!

  10. Gina Marie Philbrick

    G + T

  11. rlsloan80


  12. Upeksha Chathurani

    I like your reading.your so kind.

  13. NatividadSRamos Vasconcelos

    Sal;you are too much;LettingDivineJudgement and Justice.Do it's work.We are both Head over Heels.Things got weird and I don't like Soap Operas nor Sac of Problems and Troubles in my life I like my Household Nice Sweet Prosperous Financial;with Outside Interruptions nor Emotional Spiritusl nor Unhealthy Garbage.Simple as that

  14. Jeanine Vasquez

    You’re always on point Sal. They didn’t know what they wanted cos they had a lot of baggage and were emotionally all over the place. I was left in the dark and didn’t know what was going on and they just stopped talking to me.

  15. Bri Fnic

    Yep it fits 🤷‍♀️oh well just moving along in my shell

  16. Proudly Cancerian

    OMG ..Name starts with G 😄

  17. juLY moonchild

    Yes, I can't understand why my Virgo keep on refusing to response to me. He's just ignoring my message.

    I feel like a trash because of that. I know I don't deserve it because I never cheated or mean to hurt him but because of love I keep on chasing him.

  18. Tanya Foster

    Great Package

  19. juLY moonchild

    I don't know until when I will reach out to my Virgo😔
    I just cried so heavy last night.

  20. Pavni Erla

    It’s my story ✌🏻

  21. Marina Del Carmen

    What did they hide?

  22. Doreen Porter

    Am I ready for this, I don’t know. Winter is not my time, tomorrow is my last day. Thank G of. You may have to baptize you if we are to get married. I thought I had better tell you this.

  23. prosperous star

    He start talking at 346

  24. oshandi madawala

    please say why scopio did this to cancerian sal? reason ? third party?

  25. D'Angela Marx

    A good package…… I noticed a bulge in his trousers and strangely thats when I realized that I was attracted to him.

  26. Christine Canty

    Virgo cross watcher.
    Cancer TF is married.

  27. Kim Kovach

    🤣😂🤣😂 a good package….

  28. Kimberly Bertrand

    Isn't there a gt mustang???? Vroom vroom!

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