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  1. Astrid Beuvink

    I love these weekly readings. You read the cards intuitifly very well!!!

  2. Monalisa Hughes

    Thankyou for the reading hon

  3. Marianne Suter

    Love Lenormand!! Yes, its more concrete.

  4. Jessy James

    Great talent & excellent explanation in English! 😊

  5. ro

    this is the most interesting cancer reading

  6. Zoe Kaufmann

    well, now I see why your readings are always spot on for me: we have the same Sun and Rising haha

  7. des ray

    My son’s dad is a Virgo and this old flame/new crush is also Virgo

  8. Marsha H

    I love Lenoreman as well.
    – a Pisces

  9. Marnie Powell

    Hea a Libra sun, scorpio moon, cancer rising. Thank you Alex ❤

  10. Ke Jackson

    "Virgos will not Cheat?" mine cheated for years, and ive been having an affair with one for the past 5 years!!!! my sad truth!….  we Love eachother… lol..

  11. Dlynn Lewis

    thank you!

  12. Jennifer Aubin

    Ive been a total hermit this week so i couldn't see how this would resonate. Then i got invited "just now" to a thanksgiving dinner tomorrow by people i don't like but work with. I said yes….and probably should have said no. Oh boy…..now Im wondering how this will go down. I better keep my mouth shut.

  13. Janet Parente

    my ex is a Virgo!!!! no contact for a year. just heartache, despondent, betrayed!!!

  14. R. B.

    Do your also do Venus?
    Thank you Alexandria

  15. Vanessa Armstrong

    Reactions all round.. past 6yrs toxic 🦂r'lt'ship multi3rd+pty's already finished & over & done months 9 months ago. Atm single. No interest in another person or another rlt'shp.. & yes I do say it as it is also I am renovating & soon mooving home. Lol.. free & Divinely guided from the past 6yrs multi3rd+pty's toxic X rlt'shp.
    Blessings & thankyou to you for sharing your gift & reading's with us all. 🙏💫😇💫🙏⚘

  16. Jakob Trägårdh

    Thank you

  17. Ulysses Garant

    You wonder if I like Lenormand? I Like! Thank you for your reading! You are very skilled and gifted. Perfect.

  18. Violet Energy

    I've noticed that insecure ppl find me intimidating, but I don't know why if I'm very humane and empathetic to ppl. They judge me before they know me. I don't have time for insecure ppl, not growing backwards…just forward. Thank you for this reading.💜💜💜💜💜

  19. Malle B

    Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

  20. Maggie Jenkins

    You are a very insightful reader both decks work really well, thank you for reading using English. Love this reading thank you. Still water runs deep.

  21. Yemaya Belcon

    Still water runs deep Alexandria

  22. Sun & Sea

    Scorpio sun and moon, cancer rising. Divorce date next week, he’s got to move out after that. I’ve had an awakening, that I must stand up for myself, stop being so attached to outcomes and others’ approval. Life is changing for the better. ☺️

  23. Yemaya Belcon

    Best tarot reader ever

  24. Providence

    wow, you have so accurately detailed my own dynamics/relationships and how they're affecting me at this time. Along with my magnetic charge/frequency etc. You're not just a sexy voice are you! I'm really impressed, Thank you.

  25. Yasmine Michaeli

    Amazing Alexandra! You are always so accurate with what I’m going through.. Thank you for everything 🙏💜🌸

  26. Fox and Moon

    Nice set up 🙂

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