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  1. Gemstone Tarot

    ** Vimeo Extended Reading Link –


  2. howtohorsewhisper

    Gemma, thanks for the reading. I watched both the YouTube and extended. Sums up my world perfectly. I am Cancer. Was ghosted back in the spring by a fellow Cancerian who has been on and off in my life for last 4 years. I decided this time it was over. However, despite getting on with my life, I am constantly reminded of him and it’s like spirit pops him into my head randomly. I have released him and I wish him well. Who knows what may happen? Guess I have to wait to the next lunar eclipse! Blessings to you! 🙏🙏💕💕

  3. Soreya Noon Kleine


  4. Helen J. Goh

    Oh Yes, very difficult started end Feb 2019, till current Oct 28 …. Virgo ended Oct 14 – Hope Nov, Dec 2019 get better and into NY2020. THANK YOU !

  5. R. B.

    Coincidentally, my moon is in Aquarius. Your last extended blew my mind. I hope you’re open for personal readings soon. Also dealing w the hermit earth sign.

  6. Ale Cer

    Been bonded to my scorpio twin for 6 years. I try to move forward and keep getting pulled back. Emotional prison. I hate it. Oh yeah he goes by 2 names. Thanks for the reading

  7. Lori Ashton

    Where did you get your cat sweater?

  8. Charmain F

    Oh yes Aquarius freak for 3 years. Plus an awful 7 years so much turmoil . Then being a Brit in New York. I’m not introverted though leo moon and leo rising .

  9. mark rotella

    Your extended is very, very intuitive!!!!! my Cancer female (DM) is in regret, confusion and in pain, both physically and mentally. Yes, it all started on-line (hence the problem of long distance 'situationships') she tried to keep a secret relationship 'quiet' …. but the person she is connected to, is very toxic, very abusive…. (unknown to me, as to how long or how connected they are) It is very sad, spells and 'black magic' have been used to keep this 'toxic bond' going….. I had to step back and leave the on-line 'situationship'…. sever the connection. This last year has been with virtually 'no communication' and if it hadn't been watching many, many readings to help me figure out what in the world this meeting, with this Cance has meant. Her 'tower moments' hit me hard, the 'dark night of the soul' have been the most intense energies I have EVER FELT. I've learned to detach, stand in my power, work on my 'mission' work.. No chasing, no reaching out, no expectations… all at the same time, missing her soooo much. I've given the whole situation to God, allowing Divine timing… and waiting to see if Divine intervention will release this toxic bond. Yes, this could be the one.. but, someone blocking someone's Free Will is what these toxic energies need to be walked away from…. Again, your astute, intuitive, insightful reading has spelled out (pretty much exactly) as to what is needed…. I can't make that descision… only my Cancer can… Letting go of ego, shame, regret & confusion…. and just a simple phone call, a Heart-to-Heart conversation, will drench her in unconditional Love…. I 'feel' for others going through a Twin Flame journey… definately not for the faint of Heart, lack of patience, or deflecting ALL negativity. One must look inside, grow & learn to be the best person they can be…. staying strong, 'detached', living each day with positivity, happiness & gratitude for all that life has given you. Love & Light… You're AWESOME!!! Endearingly, mark (*)

  10. Jae Bee

    Totally resonated!!!

  11. mark rotella

    Wow… your reading sooooo resonates for our TF journey!! (I'm the Aries cross watcher, the DF) you intuition is 1000% correct!!!! You have no idea how your cards explain what is going on! simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Patience & Faith mark (*)

  12. Victoria Peckham

    Could it be someone who has died?

  13. Shahla Ghaffari

    Hi Gemma, yes it has been a very challenging year. Agree with first half of 2019 as I moved out of family home and being fully independent in my whole life. This however has been amazing for me as it's shown me my strengths. I've been wanting to get ex husband out of mind, however for some reason I dream of him often and yes he is a Sag and went on a dating site years ago under a different name, he did still from me.

  14. anartsil63

    Hi lovely Gemstone 💜 Grateful for the reading dear💜💜💜

  15. Pauline Tague

    Extended read ; what I needed to hear but said in a kind way. Thanks as always ❤️

  16. El

    Omg so spot on.The first half of the year was the worst ever.Everything else- spot on also.I listened to the end and my coffee cup fell out of my hands.Soooooo true😲😲😲😲😲😲I have never read such an accurate reading.You are unbelievably gifted!!

  17. H Tiger99

    yes, first half was difficult.. libra ex cut the connection when i asked for money back, cursed me for sharing to my friend about him borrowing money damage his image. I was hurt by an ungrateful ex whom i helped for three years. Worked in a toxic environment and caused me stress and thanks God I am moving on to a new job. I desire true love which i have longing for and i need to forgive the past. Yes, libra is younger than me and i am trying to remove him from my memory for he hooked up someone so soon after we cut things off, apart of me die inside

  18. Millie Negro

    Oh and the extended was amazing. Made me a little bit sad, but those are the facts.. As soon as it ended, I went into a sneezing episode for no reason, which Im convinced only happens when spirit is around! Similar to your itchy nose. Thank you.

  19. Millie Negro

    100% about an aquarian and the whole reading feels personal, it's so bloody spot on!! And all of the good readers are pulling exact same cards this week, with exact same story for cancer and aquaries. Boom. Gotta love mercuray retrograde.. Subscribed. Ur awesome 😍😍 (and the nickname is "patty-cake" 😜😂)

  20. Shirley Cancerian

    Gosh, Gem, you've done it again.. Thank you so much for this reading and the extended.. I did release my gemini man last week with a message of love and hope he has a good life. Right at the back of that came a cancerian who offered love online when we met no spark, but he contacts me constantly as a friend. I've said we need to put the brakes on as this isn't going anywhere. I must say, that he didn't feel the spark with me, which was fair enough. But my need to self love and heal is at the front of my mind just now x thank you for the tips in the extended, your devoted fan 🤗♥️

  21. Eena Yadav

    Yes WAS dealing ,now left him for my dreams,he deserves shit ,sorry ,but he suffers in silence n I have to leave

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