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  1. Sash

    Uhh so hard to hear BUT very relevant!! Thanks for the pep talk Hun, I'm now feeling clearer about what's happening already 😬😉❤️

  2. Henrees M

    888 likes yay!

  3. Jaiden Itis

    Lmao at dark web packages. 😂😭

  4. Nali Lito

    I really do experienced those things. Now, I'm trying to change something within me in order for me to grow more and succeed with my goal. Thanks for your reading. 😊

  5. Logy Ibeinit

    Very wonderful… This resonated very well with me..it's right on…I love the reading…u did very well…thank u

  6. Cainan C

    I am a Pisces, falling for a cancer. We started talking in February from tinder lol and we quit talking for a few months and reconnected in August. A few weeks ago I was watching a tarot video from a different YouTuber and she said I would meet a fellow water sign (possible soulmate) that lives across a large mass of land or water. He lives an hour and a half away from me, but our towns are literally across a mountain range and a state lake. We’ve gone on 5 dates already, and I can tell he really is starting to like me, and I’ve been crushing since February. This reading gives me more hope and insight. He’s an amazing person full of wonderful energy. I’m so glad I’ve met this person. Your readings are amazing and always spot on. Thank you so much 💕

  7. Eleptic V

    Thank you so much! I had been overthinking a simple decision !

  8. Eleptic V

    This is awesome! I just sumbitted my first poem to see if it will get published !

    I have been writing poetry and will create a book in future. Hoping to inspire awe & imagination in minds.

    Oh and open the door 🚪.

    There is a big opportunity!

  9. Spazip

    damn this was on spot

  10. Lilly Wheeler

    Leo Sun Cancer Moon! This is an amazing month! Thank you for your insight

  11. Katelyn Lindahl

    I am wondering where did you get your cards? I love them.

  12. shymoon07

    I needed to hear this, Thank You 🙏🏻

  13. Virginia Larstone

    Excellent reading, this really resonates with what I’m going through. I’m willing to do the work , release the old to create the new❤️

  14. Monefa Walker

    Loved this reading! I'm already experiencing the shift from months of hard work and shadow integration, so I'm excited. Thank you as always 😘

  15. Arc of Shiloh

    RAWR Ahm angree cuz u said bad stuff at me! >=(
    Naw seriously, thank you for the insight and sound advice messenger. <3

  16. Rhonda Dortch

    I've been there already. Your right about all that.

  17. Rhonda Dortch

    That's right. I'm Aries Sun, moon and Cancer DESCENDANTS

  18. Valerie Zborowski

    Girl this just came up on my feed to listen to and you couldn’t be MORE spot on!!!!! I feel so comforted by knowing someone can explain what I’m going through. Grateful 🙏🏼giving myself time to rest has been imperative.

  19. Josephine Marfo

    No more waiting. October 2018 is the active turning point. Thank you. Great and encouraging reading.

  20. Sophie Claudia

    Wow so true right now for me ..thanks

  21. Jeanne McCarthy

    I am so impressed , this was so in my direct line of messiness in my life .Can't seem to make the simplest moves based on fear .

  22. mitsy blue

    Thank you

  23. Lucitha Mitchell

    Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do and I no you are not my mother. Don't ever tell me what to do again. That is not your place. This is my life not yours.dont ever tell me what to do again. I control my life not you. Stay in your place.. and take care of your life. Love

  24. constanta69

    Amazing reading ..

  25. crafty grannie Brookins

    U are super thanks for the reading u right on it many blessing to u

  26. asisdelton

    Cancer = Moon_Thanks Sydney!!!

  27. Mary Ann Colmo

    Thank you so much for the reading… I appreciated 😘

  28. Merrari Bermudez

    Lol. The tower and Cancer.

  29. The Tannis Family

    Can you do a review on the “Tarot sacred feminine” it’s a tarot card deck

  30. Jolene N

    First time listener…I like! avenues are opening up for me, but I have really had to apply myself for this to happen. Haven't worked for 5 yrs and I know I must continue to apply myself, but I'm so use to napping I pray for the energy to work full time….lol

  31. AlwasyKISSConsulting Intuitive Inventor

    I'm embracing all of it…people are still shooting me down…..

  32. AlwasyKISSConsulting Intuitive Inventor

    I'm rocking this….

  33. Siminthesky

    Cancerman fucks around while staying with the ex…abusing everyone..is not very creative..sorry…he stole my ideas..i hate him

  34. Eight anda Quarter

    u got sfx!

  35. Doreen Mosweu


  36. Inspirational Life GURU

    Thank you for this!

  37. Tamara Jay

    this is Exactly what i needed to hear! 🌞 so very much want the 10 of Cups yet find myself chronically waiting for "The Good" yet being paralyzed by a fear of promoting my new business…thank you for lighting this fire to help me create new stories and also let go of the 7 of Swords! 💙🌞🌊

  38. Rob Madera

    Thank you for the message God bless you and your family

  39. NinoOTha Goat

    This is a true push! I needed this…

  40. Zelma du Preez

    Wow  – thanks this reading is spot-on  – appreciate you!

  41. Yang Metal

    Sorry if I missed it, but where is the link for the natal chart website?

  42. RPX_ Treme

    OMG Everything you have read from the first Card to the very last was so all me. Your voice is so lovely and you speak gorgeously. Thank you so much for the reading. Now I have the courage to take the lift and grab that new opportunity that's on my front door. A couple of days ago I dreamed of a familiar place, a peaceful pasture, the air smells so wonderful, the sun rays makes the surroundings shines like gold, then I noticed a sparkling dust in the air when I catch them with my hand, they are gold dust. I don't know what that means but I'm pretty sure its a good sign for me.

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