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  1. What'sIn AName

    Cheater-ism lol.

  2. Tabitha Kovacs

    Libra here…. definitely a reversed reading. Dealing with a cancer 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Thescarab86

    This is great! You're so straight up!

  4. Kenisa P

    7:53 right hand side of the screen 👀 a spirit was in the picture aww❤️

  5. The PRIVY Leaf Cigar Concierge

    I am super single. Looking forward to new energy. ❤

  6. moon child

    Hell yeah bring on the new new 2🤞 I'm so sick of the same old bull shit. Been a long ass 2 years. Looool. Truth was very revealed.
    And I saw his true colors.
    You dont know my life 😁😄😄
    I swear u are spot on man.
    I'm just so drained from that narrsistic ass. Fr. I just don't wanna get involved and this dick comes in and confuse me.
    And hurt someone else cuz I ain't selfish like that.
    For real 1 min all in love then he doesn't. All in love one day then next all disconnected.
    I swear I just need to quit re opening this wound over and over
    FmL. When u said Aquarius 😫😫
    I'm a stupid bitch. Why do I do this shit to myself.

  7. Natalie Pauls

    have nailed it… yet again! I'm a ♋ he's a ♓ ugh wish my story would change. It's my own fault that it hasn't

  8. Earth Angel1111

    I’m open to the universe and new things , he is my tf I’m letting God take the wheel

  9. Marie P.

    New subscriber! Resonates with me. Did anyone else notice the orb at about 7:52?? 💜💜

  10. Alizeh London

    This is true. I was with a Virgo then we broke up but we started talking again and trying to work on things. Then my cousin ran into him in the mall last month with a girl. So I cut off all communication with him and left him in the cold. I healed and moved on, I do currently have my eyes set on a pisces male that my angel communicator said was coming towards me around December. So we shall see.

  11. Sabrina Langdale

    Done with a fire sign. To many options I deserve better. Time waister.

  12. debbie huia

    Fuck this Aries guy. Who the hell does he think he is. I'm over this clown. I ain't waiting on someone who walked away from my love. He don't deserve Me,!!! I'm done..I'm a dam fool to go back to that !!! Cocky bastard to think I'm waiting..pffttt pleease..


    You are definitely genius 😉😘👍

  14. Maricel Quezon

    Yeah I feel that we are not done. We are both cancers and he is my twin flame soul mate…

  15. sagapor1vm

    Cancer is my rising sign. Sounds good tyler. 😘😘😘

  16. Swetha Y

    Always fire sign

  17. hina mirza

    New love !!!

  18. cupsof love

    Yes he is never ever there..missed his sons 20th bday party whitch makes 19 out of 20 he missed…im really over it..as in mental understanding ..and tho my cup hurts my emotions are not out of control and we are blessed and had an amazingly blessed party anyways…hold your cup upright and balance no matter what and count the blessings.🙏

  19. Annabel Araico

    So accurate….tired of this so called twin flame …someone else came in my life and im ready for something real

  20. Ma Jobs


  21. Michelle Jackson

    Thank you Tyler for the reading 😍🙏

  22. LushCulture Rebecca Wright

    So on point Tyler…I'm divorced from an aquarius(toxic relationship). I recently met a scorpio in England but he is American and we have now started dating…he makes me so happy. He is not my usual type but he is awesome

  23. Gypsy713

    You’re a Doll

  24. Marlin Nazarian

    U R soooo awsoooooommmeee!! & the new 1 yuuup 100% true🧚‍♀️

  25. dory kamonachou

    You are so accurate as always
    I am a Cancerian but I hate being that sign.
    Because I always get hurt and I only think with my heart

    I wish I could be cruel and cold
    I always get manipulated in love, by the one I love
    Why is this shit happening to me and why I cannot react and walk away from those kind of people?

  26. Belinda Coppin

    Bring the 💖💕💓 baby😆

  27. Victoria Delgadillo


  28. Delfina🐬Soul💜

    @15:05 ♋️💜♒️ 👍🏼

  29. Lis-Marie

    Can you do some single readings sometimes?… I’ve been a single cancer for 8 years!!! 😂😂 Anyone that has come towards me in that time has wasted my time or thought I was a pushover 🙄 … I’m focusing on my career and fitness!!, (not chasing anyone!!) …But it would be nice to eventually be together with someone or know it will happen one day 😬 xx

  30. Tonya Hall

    Alwayyyyyssss fire signs 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Bane of my existence

  31. realwitcha1

    Lying Pisces

  32. realwitcha1


  33. LuvSummerForeva

    That's right I'm not done.

  34. Shawna Satchell

    If I'm a virgo sun but a cancer moon would this resonate with me?

  35. Patrice Anderson

    The only time I ever contemplate anything with him is if I’m drunk 🥴 lol

  36. Patrice Anderson

    I don’t like talking to him anymore and if I do talk to him I’m a stone cold bitch because he is fake ass fuck trying to juggle me and whoever it triggers my killer instincts

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