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  1. wendy Smith Wellbeing Coaching

    Thank you for the reading. I’ve been chatting with an Aries gentleman and we are meeting on the 4th. He has shared his journey and it matches my own. I am really positive that this is it! I’m a master practitioner of law of attraction and he is a Japanese warrior of samurai arts. He is taking a chance on me being a pure woman and I am taking a chance on him being my true divine partner.

  2. 2001bae2002

    Love the reading so far. You just gain a new subbie! Everything you said is resonating with me.

  3. Maria The Cooligan

    I watched it again!! Sooo accurate!!! Omg!!!! ❤️

  4. Jayashree Shreedharan

    Already come🚶 such a beautiful inside out

  5. Claire De La Lune

    Excellent because it's been 6yrs waiting so far… 🙄

  6. Maria The Cooligan


  7. Rashmi Deshmukh

    yesss. i m dealing with pisces…

  8. Emelina X

    First time on your channel and I’m only seconds into it… your energy in your voice 🙌🏽 Im staying… keep talking

  9. Lee

    Sounds like a plan I hope it's who I think it is

  10. Queen Rebe

    You are so on point, I can’t believe it . He is an Aries ♈️

  11. Yuhara Watson

    I’m very very much so truly fine with my self and sweet thank you for sharing your sweet message and your beautiful reading love your sweet message.God bless you amen 🙏🌹🍀🙇🏻‍♀️👋✊👍

  12. Yuhara Watson

    Very very nice 👍 sweet reading from your sweet message. Lovely sweet lady reading Apple tree Tarot!!! Always God bless you and sweet thank you for your sweet message.🙇🏻‍♀️✊🙇🏻‍♀️🌹👋🌹🍀👍

  13. Therese Nydahl

    Thank you for another great reading, so true🌷🌷🌷🌷

  14. claire Lockwood

    100%and we broke up 7 years ago

  15. mark rotella

    Wow.. your reading soooo resonates with what is happening with my/our journey… this DF (a 'tempered' Aries male) is the cross watcher for your insights. My DM (Cancer female) is every bit what your reading brings out…. she is 'stuck' in a relationship that is very toxic, very abusive… and is confused as to what to do to. Spells, black magic has played into her confusion, of regret, shame and pain… I cannot chase, reach out or have contact… until she discovers who she is, and is able to realize what her own strength can be, to remove herself from this toxic environment. I have given the situation to the Divine, the universe and I'm in constant prayer for angels protection. I believe spirit is trying to give her the signs that she needs to move away from this connection, so that she can have an abundant life. I'm allowing Divine timing, and Divine intervention to break this toxic relationship… and when she does gain the Trust of the Divine, be able to unblock her throat chakra and make that phone call and have a much needed Heart-to-Heart conversation, to see what unconditional Love can be like…. Thank you for your awesome intuition & insights… you have added to my Faith as to what will be possible….& loving thoughts to my Heart Love, Patience & Faith Endearingly, mark (*)

  16. Helen J. Goh

    Yes, Cancer has been having a rough year. Scorp & Virgo (star person) blocked Cancer. Thank you 🌹🙏🕊️

  17. Erica Harvey

    Next card

  18. Erica Harvey

    Spent one whole hour on the first card wow

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