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  1. Carla T. R. Iacobone

    ❤️ ❣{{{ ❤️🌹☀️Love ❣️Gratitude ☀️🌹❤️ }}}❣❤️

  2. Helen J. Goh

    you are such an amazing love-story teller – i wait for your vids each time! soooo interesting !!… THANK YOU !

  3. rick n morty

    Thank you for this reading ! What deck is that cinderella-two of pentacles from ? love it and the way you read, p.s. your signs are cool too, you have a lot of Gemini ! love seeing the different signs people have 😉

  4. Alex Mildenstein

    You are an awesome reader, such a beautiful soul. I had a vision of being rapunzal in my dream last night and then you talked of tying the bedsheets together and waiting for my TF prince to come 🥰

  5. Kia Wikholm

    This Cinderella felt this story heavily. She is gazing into the horisont,waiting for the knight in shining armor to come and rescue her😉😊
    Thank you🌹

  6. Ms Martin

    I'm scorpio and he is cancer. Both were your Cinderella stories.
    That's amazing too me

  7. Rob Fortney

    I'm a Cancer born on the same day as my Cancer father. I'm a homeless Shaman Priest ordained bye God. Doing Gods work helping others make it though what life throws at them. Every reading I have seen has told me my twin flame is going to return to me. My knowing she is my twin flame hasn't helped much. All it has done is take my emotions and run them though every possibility over and over. Everytime I want to walk away I can't. I keep trying to understand what's going on. I know our souls have met before in this life time. Till this year we never met in person. Then we we're apart fast as we came together. I could feel her energy and knew it was the same as I had felt many times before. I'm sure she felt the same just wasn't trusting enough to let her soul lead the way. My was driving me nuts. Wanting me to do something anything just get her to come back. With all that happened and was said I couldn't make my self hate her. I couldn't talk my self out of waiting and trying to get through to her. There is someone else in the picture. And even though she says she loves me. She still hasn't returned. My patience to wait is all but gone. It seems there's always something that stopping her. Like she's looking for reasons not to be together. And in my situation I cant offer her more than my love. At least I can say I know how to make it on the streets. You would think that being able to take care of her no matter what happens. Would mean a lot to someone.

  8. Marcus with the Curls

    Just started talking tonight, We've both been caretakers for our familys for the better part of our lives 🙂

  9. 101janos

    It was Cinderella/ Cinderella a twist in time. I knew this person was the one years ago because I dreamt of this person who was older and enjoying my life with them. I went to a psychic later and told me everything that was going to happen. and it happened. I knew I was the one, this person was the exact same person. But when I met them they were younger. And someone tried to play the part and deceived them and put a wool over there eyes to make it seem like they were the one. And I was blocked by the connection. (locked in the attic) and have to wait for them to fight for the relationship.

  10. Jessica Montero

    It’s crazy! I’m an Aquarius dealing with a cancer and I’m hoping all this comes true.. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  11. Bee Jones

    My. First tat was Cinderella

  12. Kathleen Leonard

    Hope, hope, hope…….I'll be Cinderella……..Beautiful reading…thank you….Happy Thanksgiving…..Peace, love and many blessings…..Thank You

  13. Love my Snuggle bear

    Omg I just text my DM the other day sending a Cinderella GIF & saying My life is like Cinderella I’m always cleaning abd doing laundry & guess what my bedroom is in the Attic 😇😇 omg

  14. Sharlah S.R.B

    exactly my story I'm trapped I'm waiting for my person to come to me
    just waiting and waiting
    the wat u sed it that's hw we planning it out during the middle of the night just leaving

  15. Justine Simone

    TY! He’s Scorpio, I’m Cancer- both have Cappie Moon. Spoke on phone for first time in 20 years just last week! Our old passion was reignited on the first day. I left the state for Thanksgiving, he called to make sure I arrived ok. He told me if I had gotten stuck he’d “come and get me!”
    Although we still haven’t seen one another, he said he misses me, I believe we HAVE missed one another for the entire time apart! Two of Cups! Yes! My most passionate love. We’re in our mid 70’s, so not a lot of time to decide. He’s committed to stay alone- no one living with him and no marriage! I think he’s fighting the commitment he made to himself. (May be a female in his life, but no one can be US!)

  16. Lesly Angeles

    I’m pretty positive this reading is accurate in my life right now. I’m so glad I found your channel you’re amazing. Would def love to have a personal reading and to meet you. Happy thanksgiving!

  17. Stacey Fisher

    Spot on! He is also an Aquarius! Thank u! ❤

  18. kathy 2trips

    Mr. Cinderella is still with the wicked stepmother. IDK if he likes being there or not. Thank you, Cindy!

  19. lelah amolo

    We ague then he blocked me.will he be back? 😥

  20. Love June

    Wow what a lovely reading! 🙌🏾💓♥️ I hope he does come to see me very soon like we planned. It does feel divinely guided… so much that it’s a lil scary after coming out of a bs fake karmic situation he feels like a breath of fresh air

  21. Rebecca Milora

    I friggin LOVE this!!🎁💕🕺🏼
    I feel myself opening to this offer that my king is making!

  22. Carol Skydancer

    I find the yes/no exact opposite of everything I know. Yet you are always so spot on…so I am going to meditate more because I have faith in the Divine. Following the bouncing ball is how I got this far. I'll keep you posted I have great faith in you too. Grateful for your help

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