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  1. thisisme thisisme

    Literally today an ex came back to say sorry I miss you. And first time he came out and said and I quote' I fucking love you' blew my mind. Thanks you♥️we will see how things progress!!!

  2. Cancer Queen

    Anna C you are my birthday twin. Gotcha! 6/26

  3. empathintuitiveCancer tarot

    June 22nd 1983 #cancer

  4. IamShadaeee

    Omg I’m in a love triangle

  5. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    July 29th and I have been praying to God and the universe to intervene and let me and my kids leave the capricorn man,,thank you God Bless ♥️

  6. Rebeca Pineda

    thank you for this readying.👍

  7. Lona Rymer

    My Leo of 14 yrs left me for a Gemini half his age. He wanted to juggle us but today I ended it . I am worthy of love. He is a narssacist. I am not looking for a man though . I'm broken . Hermit mode .

  8. Clarita Wilson

    July 18

  9. Swetha Y

    S reconciliation reunion

  10. Savannah Barba

    July 10th ❤🤘🥰 thank you, love you

  11. Spirit Goddess

    7/16 😘

  12. Yasmeen Az

    Oh wow i just listen to gemini reading and cancer reading… i am a gemini and my twin flame is the cancer. He is married for 2 years now to this capricorn and she is a narcissist. I met him last we didn't want a relation but it happened. We are madly in love but we tried to cut it out but how can you not love your tf we only fell more deeply in love. Yes he is in conflict because of what you said and he is even living with his wife as a brother and sister. He is so honest and i know this because he is my tf i feel and know everything he feels and we experience the same things. We did not sleep together whatsoever but there is chemistry between us. Anyone with his tf would understand this. I feel it coming and that we will end up together especially that he is not happy with his marriage. I've been seeing alot of 11:11 and having dreams about us together those are the signs. Thank you for the reading❤

  13. michelle

    I'm a Cancer Leo r Leo m
    My fiance is Taurus Gemini r Taurus m
    Thx4the reading

  14. VGKI

    6/24 🦀❤️

  15. Carolina H


  16. Grant Butherus

    I like the read but if makes me upset always hearing the male stepped out I’m a Cancer ♋️ male dealing with a Scorpio ♏️ and I came with nothing but love and she hurt me. It feels really sexist women cheat it’s not always the man.

  17. Chanda Brown

    Where He at tho 😝

  18. Jamie chao

    single here, no one new show up yet.

  19. Candida Batista

    Crosswatcher. Aqua here. Cancer is the narcissistic & the one who did not appreciate with a lot of secrets… & think the world owe him..

  20. Anna C


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