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  1. Lily Van Dijk

    By stealing you are keeping yourself under the thumb.

  2. Lily Van Dijk

    You can not correct the past by corrupting the future.You can not kill and steal to take back what was taken from your grandparents.
    And you can not say what is going on as an outsider.

  3. TY William

    White European take land from African, Native Americans, Some part of Asian and Muslim countries.

  4. Mario Botha

    Just a pity you did'nt interview some Khoisan people so they can tell you that thz San and Khoi people was settled in the Cape first and that are their soil and not the Bantus as they claim. Its far overpopulated city. All those shacks. Where the hell does all those people come from

  5. Kwasi

    South African white population is over 4.5 million that guy is incorrect

  6. Angela Carlton

    I'm going to show this to my Postcolonial class, thank you!

  7. Panthera Tigris

    What a beautiful documentary. There was representation from all sides and no bias. Just people expressing their feelings and telling their story. Well done.

  8. Xia Er

    Europeans should go back where you are from ,which is Europe !. . Africa belong to Africans . you people are already greedy enough to have illegally occupied American (USA+Canada ) ,Australia and New Zealand , how much more land do you europeans need to feed your greedy heart ?huh

  9. Justin Noose

    Great job fam!

  10. Ute Gass

    Cry our beloved country.

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