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  1. Your Average Brian

    0:13 Peridot from steven univerese hiding in a tub?! Even the episode name is the same as the show.

  2. Diane Morgan

    Love this movie. I wish I had seen it sooner. This movie helped me deal with the agonizing grief from losing my beloved husband, to cancer. It might sound strange, but the storyline, emotions, and struggling with the guilt of moving forward in one's life after a loss, helped me see myself, and I started being me, without my soul mate…..living, not just existing…laughing, for the first time in years. And realizing that it's okay to love, live and laugh….again.

  3. s swift

    Best kiss scene ever!!!! The chemistry between Tim and Jennifer is mind blowing!!! Now that I live in Colorado, I am going to Boulder ASAP! Gorgeous town!

  4. Debbie O

    It was just on tv, but I did not see the beginning, of what I seen, I enjoyed it!

  5. Lilian Mrtinez Martinez

    todas las peliculas son buenas pero me a gustado mas las vueltas de la vida

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