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  1. Who You Know

    Can you pleaseeeee react to cells at work? The link is here: https://www.crunchyroll.com/cells-at-work

    Also happy 30th birthday Dr.Mike!

  2. Rachel Aldred

    People in my cancer group 'claim' that Fenbendazol cures cancer.
    Load of twaddle.
    Scammers are rife

  3. o what

    More good doctor plz dr. Mike

  4. Shady Nero

    Hey doctor mike, so I was thinking about something. what’s worse for you? Juul vaping or smoking weed out of a pipe? I’ve read things that some people claim that weed helped them out a lot while trying to quit juul. And then I’ve also read stories of people quitting weed by smoking Juul. What’s the better route to go? As in what’s healthier or not? And is it wise to try and quit juul with weed if it seems to help people?

  5. Dovahs Domain

    Arrogance is key to becoming a great doctor, prove me wrong.

  6. Kathleen Walker

    You fighting with that plant is hilarious!

  7. Kerstin Doe

    Happy birthday Dr Mike! You don't look a day over 21.

  8. Manel Jaballah

    Another one that I hear all the time and that drives me up a wall:" cancer cells feed on sugar. So remove all sugar from your diet and starve those suckers. No treatment needed." 😑

  9. Nevermore 1331

    Correction, pirates knew about scurvy and usually had plenty of limes on board to prevent it.

  10. Nerdy GamerX

    Why does he looks like ninja to me huh🤔🤔🤔

  11. Abby Magee

    I went to the hospital because I got my first period and I was extremely bleeding to the point where I lost almost 40% of my blood, my hemoglobin was at 4.5, I was actually dying, but see I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, I don’t take blood transfusions, but when I was at that point they forced a blood transfusion and well I was doing better but after they were trying to figure out why I was bleeding so much because I would go through pads every 30 minutes and I would get thick blood clots then pure blood

    My real question is what might you think I have

  12. Jessica Jenkins

    Can you talk about idiopathic intracranial hypertension Please? I’m in hospital with it at the moment and my doctor had to google it 😬

  13. danny kalish

    Can u do an episode where u break down the injuries in homealone? Plz

  14. Ashwini Shah

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dr Mike 💐🎉

  15. aadarsh poudel

    Reacting on morning routine of Dr mike by young nepali youtuber check it out

  16. Samira A

    Oh! Happy (late?) Birthday, Mike!

  17. TheNatali1994

    I have read a little medicine myself, but this is a question I never got the answer to:

    My grandmother was sick with cancer in the ovaries and it spread to the intestines witch made it hard to get rid of her fluids. She went to the hospital pretty often to get a catheter and I thought that was that.
    But she had swelling in her legs due to fluid gathering there. (It actually killed her because the fluid gathered in her brain too)
    So my question is if there's a correlation between her digestive problems and the gathering of fluids other places in her body or if it is more likely to have been something entirely else?

  18. Alyssa Papke

    Every time I watch a doctor Mike video I can't help but think he looks like Clark Kent 😂🦸

  19. AverageGirl Beauty

    Dr. Mike's beef with the plant may be the best thing ever lol

  20. RedRoseSeptember22

    Poor plant is just minding his own business…you're mean Dr. Mike!!!

  21. Poorva Kaushik

    i'm 14, 40kg and 159cm tall…. am i underweight?

  22. Ashley E

    Doctor Mike, I feel like you're too quick to anger because of that plant and… that's just not healthy. I recommend seeing a professional 🙁 Maybe some day you both can get your relationship back on track.

  23. Katspag :p

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Doctor Mike: be-woop

  24. cheer7blondie9

    Will you do a video on women’s health?

  25. Laeticia Engunda

    Happy birthday old man ahah

  26. xiisunny. nitesiix

    Dr. Mike: Is a doctor, has successful youtube channel, good health…

    fights a tree

  27. SlavishFive4

    Less than 200 years ago when there were pirates

  28. rosierosebear

    Happy 30th birthday!!!

  29. Lindsay Sheffield

    My grandparents fell for a scan involving juicing in the Philippines, mostly carrots. This was back like 2000. It was supposed to be real Meds, but instead they kept them there, bugged the room, and bilked their church for all this money to feed them celery and carrot juice to “cure cancer” – it was insane. And sad.

  30. Benzel

    React to "The Knick" tv series please!

  31. Easy Medicine by TMD

    I am just imagening how all medical professionals are just rolling on the floor laughing at curing cancer with carrots…..including me 😀

  32. Tarena

    Happy Birthday Dr. Mike! 😀

    Astrology has many stereotypes about every sign, dont believe them

    Do rather observe and learn people around you, but I can say that Capricorn are most Wisest and Smartest people I ever knew (talking from experience)

    Not all the Leos are selfish and egoistic, everybody, we are all somehow egoistic inside, but I mostly like trying to help and cherish people and stuff

    Same goes with Scorpions, you guys speaking up your mind which is I Appreciate 🙂

  33. kitkat84

    Curing cancer in 6 steps
    1. Go to Dr
    2. Go to oncologist
    3. Early detection
    4. Do treatment
    5. Follow Drs orders
    6. Take CBD

  34. Reina

    I really hope that in the near future, we’re able to find a cure for cancer and what causes cancer, what triggers it.
    P.S. Happy 30th birthday, Dr. Mike.
    P.S.S. I’m a Scorpio, too. (;

  35. Honey state


  36. Squeeze

    Make house one more time pls

  37. RMatic22

    Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak!!? Very nice!! 😀

  38. Sarah

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

  39. Nis Sa

    What is it with you and that plant? Lol 😂😂 and happy birthday doctor Mike 🎂🎉🎊 and no you're not old, if you live a 100 years you are just at the third part of your life so don't worry, stay happy and healthy 💗

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