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  1. jaden purandare

    dont get pets you raise them,train them,support them,love them,they start acting weird,they get old,they die, Ive seen it way too many times if you dont have anyone to love it just leaves you alone its a sick fucking joke

  2. Emily Thigpen

    I lost my cat to cancer 1 1/2 years ago. Charlie was only 3 1/2 years old, and the guilt that I didn't notice the signs sooner has been unbearable. I miss that little goofball so much.

  3. Cam Quatro

    My 3 year old cat was just diagnosed with cancer and does not have much time to live and I am such an emotional wreck because he was diagnosed the day before school started😥💔

  4. Sandy Meillier


  5. Nina Rothstein

    I had a cat die from cancer about 10 years ago. Its pretty much the worst thing ive ever had to endure and still makes me cry when i think about it. So make sure to get them checked often especially of they're acting weird suddenly.

  6. Grace Wallace

    Thanks Sherlock

  7. Pela Christonaki

    My cat has cancer

  8. Nannett in.the.night


  9. Sherry Shore

    We adopted a tjger & donate monthly right out of our bank account

  10. F r o z o n e

    It's great to hear that marmalade's cancer is gone. I hope cole is ok too.

  11. T - Miao ✓

    Is it weird that my cat don't like chicken and fish but love to eat Grass

  12. Katia Butler

    My cat vomites after eating
    Oh god

  13. Charm Witch Craft

    My cat just diagnosed having bone cancer in his right frony leg my heart is crushed imagening him with just 3 legs he is black like cole but short hair and very active sorry for the bad english ☹

  14. eddie v

    Im worried about my kitties… they have been vommiting a bit….

  15. Mohteshim Hafeez

    Awww …you just gave an important and thoughtful message with all cuteness ! You are a true gentleman 🙄

  16. Sanchita's Creations


  17. TheGuyWithTheGreekYTPS

    My cat Youka (Snowball) died from cancer one year ago..if i adopt an another cat,can i save her/him if she/he gets cancer ?

  18. Universe Cat

    So that's why my cat died… 🙁

  19. tjk200081

    I lost 2 cats to cancer. It's heartbreaking! cancer sucks!

  20. Dazzling Deb

    I spotted melanoma in my cat's nose. She had leaped on top of my hutch and looked down on me. I looked up and got a clear view into her nose. I saw something round and pale in her nose. I was afraid it was cancer. I freaked. Sure enough it was melanoma in an usual spot. Surgery wasn't an option so did radiation, which worked.

    My other kitty got lymphoma. I noticed weird poop. Large and pudding-like. No cure for lymphoma but did chemo which gave us another year together. Cats have an easier time on chemo than people. He went into remission fast which helped him feel better right away.

  21. Jensen Sciandra

    plz subscribe to me

  22. Jensen Sciandra

    I love Cole and marmalade

  23. Hansen g

    i think my cat had cancer and died
    i hope hes in heaven
    1 like 1prayer

  24. Rebekah N

    We knew something was wrong but getting a diagnosis was the problem. Finally just got it. Bowen's disease. We have an orange and a black cat too!

  25. dreas mom

    Thank you.

  26. Michael Shearer

    Our cat had a cancerous spot on his nose, which required surgery and had most of his nose removed, he had to stay inside for over a month (which was during summertime). For a while he seemed depressed as he wasn't behaving like he use to, but after he was allowed out and was allowed to take his cone off, he slowly regained his energy levels back.

  27. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel

    My pet Mr Smokey has just died of Cancer!!!!! I miss him badly!

  28. Marilyn Newman

    What do you do about a cat that's been vomiting 17 years straight? I give him hairball formula, he loves it, but, 2 days without & he's back at it.

  29. Rugilė Gilė

    I've lost my cat due to cancer 3 weeks ago. I hope this video would spread awareness, so this disease would be detected as soon as possible..

  30. Hamid Mahmood

    I just wanna know the 19 Names Who Disliked this video.. I mean like wht its humanly possible.. unless they r dogs :-p

  31. Polytiel

    Oh Noes. My cat barfs all the time! She is super lazy as well… D:

  32. Hanem Sadek

    My cat (not the one in my picture) had spleen cancer but we didn't detect it until it was too late 😞 she showed absolutely NO signs other than lethargy, but ever since she was a kitten she was also extremely calm. Never really playful either. She just liked to lay around and cuddle. Unfortunately we lost her in October after 11 short years. I think about her constantly everyday. Stay on the lookout for your animals even if they seem completely healthy!!!

  33. Jennifer L

    My first cat, Charlie, died from leukemia. I was devastated. My mom is a nurse, so she detected it. When I turned 13 my mom gave me a new kitten. He ran away when we moved. My husband hates cats. So, I haven't had a baby (cat) for a long time. I left my husband and adopted 2 cats❤❤❤ Best decision I ever made.

  34. Kaycie Clements

    What's a really good brand of wet and dry cat foods? I'd just recently found out all the issues Purina has given pets, and I no longer want mine to eat that brand. Problem is, I don't know where to start 🙁

  35. Super rainbow Ros reyes

    wow good video clue

  36. Lina Irdina

    my cat had lung cancer.
    the vets told me it was a lung infection
    by the time they realised it was a cancerous growth it was too late.
    there was literally no way i could've saved him because no one could tell.

    (idk this video kind of made me angry. he only showed those symptoms when we knew he was sick and we just had to wait for him to die)

  37. Khanh Vy Cao

    why don't u adopt another cat for cole and marmalade

  38. i’m just a dumb whore

    I… I think my cat, Izzy, has a tumor… It's like, right by her arm. She also vomited the other day, maybe from eating too fast? She also has some bumps on her skin; however, she's eating now and drinking lots of water. Someone please help… She's only 2 and 1/2 years old 😭

  39. Riko Lime

    I just took one of my cats to the vet for a suspicious lump on her thigh.. shes got soft, fluffy, fine furr, and is super shy and skiddish so it was hard enough for the vet to find- its shocking my mom even found it, she just happened to be scratching deep enough to feel it. Looks like two flat items though… Im so nervous cus i have to wait on senior bloodwork to see if shes ok to do surgery, and then schedule said surgery, and then wait for the test results on the masses.. Im already feeling guilty even though theres no way it could have been found other than shaving the poor girl bald.I should add there were no odd smells, behavior, eating or drinking changes.. nothing out of the ordinary at all for her. We also have no clue how long theyve been there (two dime size items). She is a black and white cat though..

  40. bdf2718

    My beloved Sylvia developed a mammary tumour. CATS HIDE THEIR PAIN. The first time I knew there was a problem was when it was beyond fixing.

    Three years on, I still miss her. Cat videos help. My next-door neighbour's cats help. But I still feel guilt that maybe I could have detected it earlier and maybe extended her life by many years.


  41. Beverly Stuart

    please add that any significant lymph node enlargement should always be checked out. The sooner, the better

  42. Amy

    One of my cats died of cancer at 11 years old. She was such a sweet calico, but she got cancer where her fur was light. Light fur is like light skin in humans in that it's more prone to cancer. She had a wound that wouldn't heal and we did take her to the vet. They looked for burrs stuck in there but found none. The wound still wouldn't heal and she was diagnosed with cancer after it had spread all over her head. I really miss her and I wish I had been able to save her life for at least a few more years. It's important to pay close attention to your cats and take them to the vet if you start seeing these signs.

  43. somecallmeblue

    I wish I knew these signs when my cat was alive. I might have been able to save him.

  44. Selma Brown

    thanks a lot for telling people about it my cat;Lucky already had it

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