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  1. Gut Feelings

    What foods help you to improve your gastritis?

  2. Tupelo Mem

    Yes please Peggy gastric video please do one.☑️

  3. Glenn O'Connor

    Yessssss, by far the best health YouTuber on here. Life saver!!

  4. Ta tum


  5. Del Fam


  6. Renee K


  7. Bob Schoon

    Yes please 👍🏻😊

  8. Yvonne Mairose

    Yes,yes, please!

  9. Jiri Wiesner

    What helped me was avoiding foods that have sugar in them or a higher content of simple saccharides. I found about that very early on that sugar was the trigger. But only after I got rid of most of my work-related stress (moving to home office in my case did the trick), the condition improved. For the last 9 months, I am on a keto diet (quite strict actually) and I am even able to do intermittent fasting – a 16/8 regime. It has not healed completely. I might have missed something. Yes, I am very much interested in your take on what the diet for healing gastritis should be.

  10. Lina Zagarella

    Yes please

  11. Barbara Küsters

    Yes please! :))

  12. Barbara Boratino

    diet yes. apple is good for me I believe, and lemon water

  13. Arijeet Biswas


  14. L F


  15. Shiela Labrador


  16. Carol Candace

    Yes please. I’m doing the celery juice. 3rd week now. Not sure but I think it’s helping. The one thing that really helps is alka seltzer. I’m sure it’s bad for my body but when I’m in terrible pain at work it gets me through. I’ve got extreme constipation and I wonder if that is causing such terrible gastritis symptoms. The celery juice hasn’t helped with constipation as of yet 😟. Thank you Peggy. Love your channel and your beautiful essence ☀️

  17. Lisa Hamby



    Plain Cooked rice helps.



  20. Alex Plays

    Yes, I want to watch video on gastritis diet

  21. Sheryal Ainsworth

    Yes please I have had acid reflux for 20 years and have tried every thing mine I believe has been caused by so many antibiotics in my life with ear infections and surgeries. Got it after my mother passed away 20 years ago….. thank you I have tried everything

  22. Marcia Kelly


  23. Luka Soc


  24. Shahila Habibullah

    Yes please do make a video on what one should eat and what food to avoid , many thanks for all this valuable information

  25. New and Developed


  26. Neelufur Jehan

    Hii peggy…Lots of good info..! Pls do make a detailed video on Gastritis with a diet and what not to eat ..tnq in advance . 😘

  27. Baja Lala

    Oh yes, please!

  28. Kyle Blackmore

    Can you please make a video talking about this condtion known as chicken skin where tiny red bumps are on arms or backs of legs, keratosis pilaris I believe they call it, I'm guessing it's an inside issue and job not an outside one. Your thoughts? 🙂

  29. Ijabo Hussen

    Could you please make another video for what food it's better for those kinds stomach problems.

  30. Mary Felix

    Yes like more foods to eat for gastitis.

  31. KV J

    Yes please.

  32. KV J


  33. KV J


  34. D Ortiz

    That's why the instructions say take it 3 hours before or after so that you could have your nutrients from your food and then the benefits after or before

  35. Michele Brown


  36. Dragana Prlenda

    YES ♥♥♥

  37. D Ortiz

    I am taking activated charcoal

  38. Heidy Perez

    Yes please, I have gastritis and sibo….🙏🏼

  39. jcroobug

    Y E S <3

  40. Van Veen

    Please tell us about natural remedies to heal( if possible) chronic gastritis, and what sort of foods should we avoid if we suffer from gastritis, thank you so much for everything you do here

  41. Annfam5


  42. Rob Trammell

    Yes ! Always informative. Love the enthusiasm! Cheers hun

  43. buelena

    Yes, please

  44. Pierre Christen

    yes please 🙂
    Lemon juice seems to be helping. In my case, it is almost every morning near 7am that it hurts unless I already got up.

  45. Gerente04

    Yes please peggy, i really like your advices at the end of your videos. Lemonwater helped me a lot.

  46. Mark Crossey

    How long either, before, or after a meal should we drink fuels ?please Peggy

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