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  1. mufassir musthafa

    not being a sexist but the male narration was better

  2. gsurgeon2b

    WOW!! well DONE!

  3. Margie Binoya

    My mother has cervical cancer doctor advised to let her undergo chemotherapy and radiation however she wanted to have surgery instead…😣😣


    Thank you for this amazing video, keep doing the great work!

  5. Marthe Endresen

    Can you get cervical cancer without having HPV? Cause I know of someone that har precancerous cells but tested negative for HPV

  6. Kervin Dow

    With conization, cold knife conization, Lazer, leep procedure, going have shorter cervix, harder to get pregnant. 1% of all treatment going lose sexual function, libibo, orgram function, nervous around cervix damage treatments, nervous from cervix to brain cause low sex drive and sex life.

  7. Kervin Dow

    Had high grade cerval cancer CIN 3 and HPV, used Eschorotic treatment were put tampons with medicine inside vagina area. Normal pap smear in year. Still got pregnant normal. Don't hurt my sex drive and sex life.

  8. Jannelle Kaye Veloso

    thank you for this video!

  9. fasal muhammed


  10. TSLS account

    I lost my mum to cervical cancer at 14, (7 years ago), and this clear and concise video helps me understand it more which I really appreciate! Thank you!

  11. Panagiota Avdoulou

    Very concise and helpful for understanding the basics, and much needed. Though i think a bit more on the Pap smear,its huge importance and different results or the Bethesda system would add to the video, but overall a great one

  12. How to Medicate

    I never understood why these videos get so little views! They amazing, and perfect for students!👍


    Nice one sir

  14. yogayantra Dominique

    are these cancers ALWAYS caused by HPV?

  15. Nadia Behlouli


  16. zhwan dara

    Thank u guys , it's very helpful and clear

  17. Rukaiya Binte Yeasin

    Wow I've never been this fast

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