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  1. yuqi ji


  2. naemi rempel

    lily gives me confidence about my voice.

  3. Kavya Das

    In these kind of videos I always forget to watch these celebrities.. coz I can't take away my eyes from that lady.. She has deep mysterious beauty in every part of her face,hair… Everywhere.. such a beauty..

  4. TIffanyrose Angeles

    Love Lily Rose Depp she's chic cool & beautiful,& yet classy.
    Gorgeous model,sexxx kitten.She looks kind of like a Parisian Kate Moss!
    Irony here Kate dated her dad …..💋💋
    Ok scrap that…

  5. chelsea marie

    imagine getting chanel makeup on your 12th birthday… i wish

  6. Bubu

    I don't like her or her voice… She feels complete and spoiled

  7. Gia Pacella

    God i miss French Men…they get this…💋💋💋

  8. 예슬

    Rouge coco’s my best its strong but look natural

  9. sky z

    how can someone be this gorgeous?

  10. shiro182

    I like 172 and 728

  11. すっごく綺麗な人だな、憧れる…

  12. Lottie Morton

    What’s Lucia’s lip colour !

  13. Kelly Wijaya

    She was so pretty before and now…😶

  14. alicia mai

    and timmy i guess too :')

  15. Grant Latoya


  16. JILILITH Sous

    La femme – si un jour 🙂

  17. ベニヤ板bot


  18. Shannon B.

    You two are definitely high

  19. Violet Daisy

    Lucia is SO stunning!!!! her red lips and blue eyes are so gorgeous !

  20. Lizzy Grant

    I did my friends makeup with makeup from toy stores at 12, not chanel 😅

  21. KOMI


  22. Vi-An Tan

    She got Chanel makeup when she was 12 😅💖

  23. Tyler Booth

    She’s got the cutest giggle

  24. Lord Voldemort

    Why does she look like Kiera Knightly…

  25. Aletta Jacobslaan

    Lucia has incredible eyes

  26. Ramen Reiko

    Shes so beautiful

  27. Luis Felipe Orozco

    Awesome genes. I think I'd like her more if she spoke English with a French accent.

  28. Zae Tin

    She has.. weird proportions

  29. Nguyet Anh Nguyen

    Love lip gloss, love Lily-Rose!!!!!!!

  30. PrincessTheGolden

    Lily-Rose est connu juste parce qu’elle est le fille d’une célébrité moi je suis pas la fille d’une célébrité et j’aimerais être comme elle et mon rêve se réalisera jamais 😭😫😔

  31. Chibi chicken


  32. Norma Espinoza

    Como cosinar brocolis

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