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  1. Katie Johnson

    She’s talking about Yaba from The YouTube Underground.

    She always comes for Yaba and her having children, like gorl you aren’t a mother, you have no place to talk about someone’s children.

  2. cradleofroses

    Chantal says Yaba is jealous while also talking about rather inappropriate and gross stories on Youtube. Yikes.

  3. Leslie LOVE

    Am I the only one who thinks she saw amberlyn and got inspired to do this again?

  4. jhd5

    Big Barbarian Me is dumber than a rock if she doesn't realize that most people watch her for the freak show — a homely, grotesquely overweight, ignorant and angry battle-ax making a spectacle of herself. People get great satisfaction in poking that bear and she obliges by lashing out in anger. She should be grateful for this attention because people sure aren't watching her for her dreary stories and makeup lessons.

  5. Anita Backrub

    Ugh….I never watch her I am only here for you doll. Lol. She is just so icky. Its more than her vulgar and inappropriate topics she is just grimey or something idk.

  6. Nair Namor

    Alex you're so sweet and cute.

  7. Ja Er

    Imagine my shock! Food booty is back already. Who saw that comming?

  8. cexxcellz

    Chantal is a psycho.

  9. Felicity x

    She’s pathetic and sad and needs to stoop trying to be amberlynn

  10. MayorOfMoetown

    She was in a psych hospital and u make fun of her..so…🤔

  11. Cinnamongirl

    Chantal just needed a little attention because she’s become irrelevant. Nobody talking about her so she had to shake it up. She’s a pig.

  12. GenuinelyCaroline

    she really needs to grow up. stop avoiding things you don’t like, deal with it and move on. the words coming out of her mouth make her sounds like she’s 15.

  13. Snarky Puppy

    How long did her little break last? 12 hours?

  14. Abbie Montgomary

    There is no such thing as an Arabic woman, it’s an Arab woman who speaks Arabic.

  15. Simone Taddia

    "People are obsessed with me" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    "I'm leaving youtube" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Tomorrow she is going to upload a mukbang video. (and we are the sick people) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. carmela rodriguez

    She already back on her bull-ish

  17. Momma_3 Maestra

    And she's back….

  18. Jessica A

    She's back already, looking like a tweaker. Racist tweaker

  19. Tracy Moore

    Yaba will wipe the floor with her if she keeps coming for her. She’s just jealous, bitter, and gross as a human being. She needs to step off of the reactors. Don’t read the comments and keep off of social media. She’s having a pout because other people’s channels are taking off and hers isn’t. But no it can’t be because of anything she does. Other people are taking off because they’re doing positive things in their lives. Bye Felicia

  20. Tracy Moore

    You need another intro for Chantal videos and hell yeah she’ll be back. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s quit. 🙄

  21. MoonChild

    One thing that’s always struck me as completely bizarre about PigTal is that she is lidddderrrrullleeee obsessed with what people think of her, while simultaneously posting THE MOST degrading videos possible. I mean, she talks about picking up homeless junkies to bring home and fuxk, boyfriends pulling dingleberries out of her ass and digging Pringle’s lids out of her fat folds. Nothing about her adds up. She is SUCH A LOSER!

  22. MoonChild

    Hey Alex, luvyousomuuuuch but some constructive advice: a microphone would enhance your videos a lot!

  23. MoonChild

    Hey Canadian Fried Chicken: BYE! Don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha BI+CH!

  24. Free Spirit

    See you soon Chantal, why don’t you and Amberlynn just collaborate with each other and just get zero subscribers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮! Hilarious crazy lady! I don’t know who copies whom! I’m confused, is like Chantal and Amberlynn talk to each other about what they are doing next 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  25. Angel A.

    I love your attitude in this one! What she did was completely inappropriate!

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