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  1. StrikerTheFoxy

    can someone pls tell me the name and artist of this song?

  2. Shotgun Bastard

    Remember watching this vid years ago, but I still can't find out the name of the song. :/

  3. kicco marasigan

    I think so weather

  4. extremechaser91

    name of the music???

  5. Tstorms

    @imachipboy2 roll cloud infront of a thunderstorm

  6. vecine

    what song is this ? thanks .

  7. St. Louis Storm Chaser

    @captainmorgan757 That's going to be my plan! Chase until I die.!

  8. AnimeOkay

    Ooh , it 's prettie ! I lovee the music too ! xD

  9. GlassButterfly12

    Nice…like the music, too

  10. Jvizzlezz

    That first clip with the cumulo was epic.

  11. TXweatherwatcher

    Beautiful!! Thankyou!!!

  12. Nyt Ryder

    awesome vid! thanx!

  13. aerialpic

    One word says it. Structure. Nice job!

  14. Thereddragon

    wow thats rilly pritty

  15. KGero478

    @ShieKra38 Correction tornado.

  16. MrMalthus80

    This reminds me of the credits roll for twister. Excellent stuff.

  17. V30474

    i wouldnt mind livig in a place where the sky looked like that all the time

  18. Sherif Gharib

    very good and nice video thxxxxxx

  19. aman lehal

    My heart goes as this video goes forward…thankyouverymuch

  20. sam hapy

    Great footage

  21. JET997u

    Beautiful video.

  22. Tsukasa Hiiragi

    Some really nice wall clouds, I especially like the one around 3:30, easy to see why people probably thought they was UFOs lol

  23. emeraldseven

    very, very well-done

  24. Delta0Glider

    Absolutely beautiful, and unbelievable structures…worth chasing for.

  25. joe Sykora

    the music creeps me out

  26. Selen Samy

    Fantastic and beautiful storm clouds ! My ultimate dream is to becom a storm chaser !

  27. Heather


  28. SmoothieQ8

    Amazing video:)

  29. Matías Ortiz Medina

    excelente 😀

  30. Fortminorproject

    id like to do that someday seems awsome 🙂

  31. 54spiritedwill54

    Impressive timelapses in this video. Great shots too.

  32. Dennis V.

    real nice video

  33. Rain1290


    That formation is called the "Mammatus", a very distinctive cloud and also most admired by everyone – often makes the most popular shots in weather photography.

    They do indeed signal a good chance for hail as the Mammatus is indicative of the storm's strongest phase. However, this isn't always the case since hail formations have to do with the actual strength of the updraft and the amount of precipitable water that exists in the storm. Windshear is also ideal.


  34. BlackThunder885

    1:17 What's the name of the cloud formation? I know that it fortells of hail being possible but no clue on the name. btw great vid!

  35. Chris McClanahan

    the one at 2:57 looks like a picture I got once.

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