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  1. Dominic Walker

    Really on to something, how to upgrade, without getting dumb parts. I do wonder what's a gimmick, what's no. Carbon cranks, poo sandwich

  2. K-dregg

    Good stuff man

  3. Stravaiging MTB

    Carbon seat posts give me the fear as I've help wrench them out when they have bonded to the frame.

  4. Michael Wottawa

    Love the shirt. Best punk band ever. Oh and yeah, really dig tinker Tuesday

  5. James Gutridge

    your old front wheel weighed more than the old rear wheel? also, would the BB change make much of a difference? Great work overall, love the content – BTW are you aware you have a dobbleganger in the form of Dustin Klein (youtube) – who also likes bikes etc

  6. Mitchell McKenna

    Hey bub, did you have to use some eccentric tool to thread the new BB in?

  7. World Citizen

    I love the way your lamp matches your earings dude.

  8. Benspeed's Channel

    When considering the weight of your bike always remember Boris the Blade’s advice “weight is sign of reliability, and if it doesn’t work you can hit him with it!” 😜😂

  9. Jan Groosmuller

    Shaving 770 grams off at no cost (but a bit of time) is not bad at all. You most definitely will feel the difference when riding, which is what counts 🙂

  10. Toots 1234

    It's hard to see the word "Subscribe" at the end of the video.

  11. los juguetes de Vick

    Questions does a 38c tire fit womens raleigh revere 2

  12. Mid Bike Crisis

    I recently sold my Poseidon, but of course with everything you sell you always regret a little. It has an amazing the aggressive geometry for the price point I personally think it's a great cross bike with the right components. I just had too many projects to put the proper time In to it. Love what you do with the channel it's looking good sounding goodI, appreciate the tinker Tuesdays, and all the other details that you've been working on an adding too.

  13. caestus

    Stripping paint does save weight as well, I think you've probably done enough aluminum polishing though lol.

  14. Nicholas Petersen

    ~2lbs?! Completely worth the hassle. Well done.

  15. KLUNKER 714

    Good shit✌😄👍🚲

  16. Jovan Hernandez

    Gonna go tinker myself👍

  17. Riley Walker

    Great video! Just bought a used giant anyroad 2. Want to upgrade to gossemer cranks, but I can't get the threaded BB out. Any tips? It's starting to strip the indentations.

  18. Mikey Pee

    U could clean 300 grams of dirt off of it!👍edit: maybe 150

  19. The Bummy Trashman

    loving the tinker vids bud. keep tinkering bai

  20. ThatSteez

    Didnt you increase your tire size on the new wheel set? I feel like the weight savings would have been more if you had kept them the same.

  21. Javier Miranda

    👍👍 for Tinker Tuesdays, definitely love your content.

  22. Brackish Cycles

    Really enjoying your efforts. Loving the consistent uploads and all the content lately!

  23. SpeedyV


  24. Ben Allen

    Do a video on your mountain bikes please!

  25. Ben Allen

    Not first

  26. Brian Ladley

    Loving tinker Tuesday!

  27. Peter Baskind

    A bike I bought for a rain/winter bike came with a Gossamer crank set. I just recently swapped out the chain rings for a Raceface narrow/wide. As it turns out, it makes a nice looking 1x crankset.

    ‘Cause 1x is cool.

  28. Mellissa Nash

    Would have thought going carbon seatpost would have helped a bit. Boo that it didn't as I was thinking about going carbon seat post from the $5 alloy one i got from a used bike shop.

  29. gary hildebrandt

    Nice work!
    Now get some sleep

  30. Beaf Supreme

    Gesundheit sir

  31. Brent Allar

    Good job knocking these videos out. You are back and on a roll. Keep it up man.

  32. Mclovinthedank

    Tinker on!

  33. Ride Alongside

    Yeah! I love saving $$$!!

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