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  1. kazar abdul

    We use to have practitioner in Borneo Sabah, Malaysia known for cure ovarian and breast cancer using plant and its chemical free.Ironically she died of old age.Now the healing method knowledge pass down to her grand daughter.If you would like to resort to this method just contact me +60173321435.

  2. Lio Jio

    thanks for sharing this video. I need this for my research project

  3. Khadija Imdad

    So informatve

  4. brenrose

    Check this out https://youtu.be/y0FYKIjvJZI My Ovarian cancer came back. Just told my doctor NO to CHEMO it doesn't Work it will just kill you faster. Find a Holistic Doctor they really care about you unlike the traditional doctors.

  5. Raven Crone

    Someone ought to check the closed captions. At 7:39 in the closed captions are the words "we look forward to continuing to care for you the murder". This doesn't help anyone who is trying to decide on chemo.

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