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  1. Natalie Rouse

    My dad left me when I was 5 years old and he didn’t come back till 4 years later and then he left again

  2. Nini LaRouge

    Disgusting to say the least.

  3. jrbisc99

    Lindsay Dill would've smoked both these hussies!

  4. Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez

    A little child singing off key is cute… not anymore Asia!!! And that’s with lessons?!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Galuby ovo

    Asia sounds like she's been brain washed

  6. Steve Pimblett

    Mercenary grandma who needs a car and who needs to win through her granddaughter at ALL costs and if she can highlight her granddaughters "assets" in order to "WIN!" She's gonna go for it. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids, let alone grandkids!

  7. Alvaro Cabrera Villalón

    disgusting…It´s child abuse…stupid parents

  8. Angie kay Tintaya

    Well hmmmmm and she didn't win why? Lol

  9. C WS


  10. Captain Sarcasm

    This announcer is creepy af. This pageant gig is just a vehicle for his non-existent singing career. He's been waiting to be "discovered" for the last 20 years. Super cringey and major pedo vibes.

  11. m lynn

    people trying to do it to make money… i dont think realize they barely break even after you add up all the make up, clothes, training etc. As far as Asias singing:shes just pushing/trying to hard. So many of them seem to have dead eyes with those fake smiles.

  12. Ronell Lambert

    Some of the mothers look as though they ate all the prizes!!!!!!!!

  13. abcmaya

    13:15 what a cool husband

  14. Karen Cumbie

    To be clear…. Western Sizzlin Steakhouses are beyond awesome! Yum!

  15. IndigoMoon

    These parents are completely insane

  16. IndigoMoon

    This Asia girl is tore back. Her hair looks like straw, she sings like someone is stabbing a sheep to death, and she seems dumb as a box of rocks. Like…she is completely oblivious to the OBVIOUS fact that her family has literally been pimping her out her whole life. She has no concept of what the point of this documentary is about. Her family is disgusting.

  17. Elisa Melo

    no wonder Donald Trump got elected………..

  18. cagalliyula atha

    scary parents

  19. NuitAsdf

    "she has such a beautiful smile"
    * Shows a complete tortured smile *

  20. Lilhedgehog 857

    i think pageants are awful because your teaching a child that all anyone cares about is there beauty and how much money she wins and that if she looses she will be a failure and what if she never wanted to be in a pageant in the first place but her parents taut her money is everything

  21. Vi Haze

    Asia, Treasure and Chenay? It's like these people were naming poodles. Asia is gorgeous and seems like a lovely girl, but I think her grandmother has pushed her into this and she's doing it because she doesn't want to disappoint her. It's very sad.

  22. flow v

    okay, after watching this, how many of y'all singing the words to Asia's song/??? "
    "` I gotta brand new boyfriend, we go crazy on the weekends……. smoochie smoochie bang bang etc etc…" lmao

  23. Peter McGlothin

    This is so sad

  24. kyoyameganebereznoff

    Anyone else made uncomfortable by Asia singing “I’ve Got a Brand New Boyfriend”? Especially that “wearing nothing but a smile” bit.

  25. tuğçe enes

    the thing is about children beauty pageant that clidren are compeletly scary and ugly. i didnt see any beautiful children . including brooke

  26. tuğçe enes

    who paying to this stupid thing ? they are winning the money but who payin ? that is sick

  27. Kristin Wright

    Asia's family just trashed her father for abandoning them. I could see where the womens' obsession with pageant would get very old. I suspect he was trying hard to be supportive for a long time when Asia was young but as the years dragged on he didn't want that anymore. I can hardly imagine his wife or mother-in-law would have listened much. I know I would have tried to escape that situation.

  28. gale

    21:18 that baby's face is my reaction to child beauty pageants

  29. Mary Lee

    Titles for what? Bimboness???? Fabulous….

  30. Mary Lee

    Pedophile porn. Sick. Why do parents put their children through this twisted misery?

  31. M Lane

    Why not invest the money into a possible future modeling career?

  32. Henry Pham

    The educated one wants fewer kids. I am glad they asked about having kids at the end. Also, the song at around 25 min, OMG, the mindset of being a fcking blonde and just need to wiggle

  33. Carly Klein

    The part where it talked about Asia's dad walking out…kinda broke me heart. She seemed really effected by this. I bet she stayed in the pageant business for many reasons, but one might be because of the insecurity she felt by her dad abandoning her. She probably finds comfort in the attention on stage, because she could no longer get that attention from her father…

  34. Joanna Forbes

    Wow, two started off the same but lived very different lives. For some people, this is their thing.

  35. Shad ow

    Creepy and wrong on sooooo many levels pushy Moms trying to live a life above their own hum drum trailer trash lifestyles through their very young daughters …kids like to dress up for fun of course but not like this , I truly believe the psychological aspects of this whole pageant thing for little girls , their pushy parents , and of course the PROFIT motives of the organisers is truly disgusting .

  36. Tristan Tries

    My aunt wanted to put me in pageants and even wanted to take me to be in baby commercials and other child roles in tv. My mom said absolutely not and I'm happy she protected me and didn't try to exploit me. I struggle with self esteem and dysmorphia anyway and if she had relented i bet i would be 1000×'s worse. My Aunt would say "Cindy you don't know what you got" and she would reply "i have a daughter not a product" .

  37. Amy Lauren

    That mother really said "we just try to love him regardless and hope for the best" about her disabled son.
    What a foul bunch of adults. Old women living through children. Gross. And that MC is absolutely horrifying.

  38. Laurie LeBoeuf

    the eyebrows of 2007 shudders

  39. karen waters

    I have 4 beautiful looking girls who are all grown up now, but I wouldn't dream of ever doing to them what these little girls are doing, above all I'd be crucified by all my family& friends, luckily there is nothing like this in the UK, bloody Americans….did you hear the grandma say she needed a car "" grandma needs a car"" and that was the prize to be won….I really find this hard to watch so will turn it off right now,…I just wanna ask where the hell are child social services when these f u** ing Americans are doing this??? you can actually hear the family saying their in it for the money and prizes, I wonder what the girls get out of it eh?????? Remember the little girl Binet, can't remember first name,..she was murdered…..also do you hear the lyrics to the songs these little girls have to sing???? anyone with a hint of decentcy must know this is all wrong?!!! I just don't know what else to say,..I'm left feeling so, so bloody angry& so sorry for these little girls….with tears in my eyes , Karen Waters fr UK x

  40. karen waters

    This is truly discussing, making up little girls with makeup, wrongful clothes etc, yes like tiny hookers,..The girls love for all of it comes from the parents who are taking away the child's innocent childhoods which will truly result in them beading so much therapy when their a little older! This makes me wonder what Jesus/God would think of all of it, poor little girls being prostituted like this being taught its all about looks not personality, shame on you parents, I believe these cases should be looked into by child services before its too late…Vanity is after all a sin& these little girls have no chance in life….these parents do not deserve the precious gift of children!!!!!!!! Shame on these mothers, for they are no mothers at all!!!!!

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