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  1. Chimpangel

    Great idea

  2. Henry Zealot

    If your pet has a disease which is incurable by western medicine, I believe you will try every way even it is not entirely scientific proven. Since it actually worked on some cats and dogs, I don't see anything wrong. Chinese don't eat their pets and they treat pets as family members. Some comments are extremely rude and racist.

  3. Events Crypto

    Back in my day, using your hand to pet your dog and cat made them happy

  4. Events Crypto

    @ 0:21, you can tell that the dog knows what's coming next…

  5. - Eth

    They are preparing them for dinner.

  6. Bryan Pena

    I dont really understand acupuncture or its purpose. I tried it once and it wasnt for me. I was going to keep going for more treatment for my scoliosis but I gave it up. It was too far for me (38miles) to go to and to much a session $200 a visit was just too much for me when I felt no improvement after going twice.

  7. mirror tape

    goddamn chinese people are stupid

  8. Igs

    That acupuncture is just to tenderize the meat for whats coming next


    Wtf, acupuncture is a pseudoscience, its FAKE SCIENCE THATS SOUNDS AUTHENTIC, they’re basically sticking needles in their pets

  10. Trolls Will Be Ignored

    I can understand this practice, but those animals are so terrified. I hope that someday we can get more into their brains to understand them better.

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