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  1. Nina Austin


  2. Aniyah Taylor

    I wonder if the ppl hes cracking sees the videos🤔🤔🤔

  3. David Mooney

    Injured my back at work a couple weeks ago and have no relief from the pain. The workman’s comp Dr said I strained my middle left and right sides of my back and prescribed naproxen and cyclobenzoprene. She also recommended icing my back 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes, which helps temporarily. Neither prescriptions help and my back keeps “locking up” so to speak and it’s through the roof pain. Will going to the chiropractor help or should I get some weed and keep putting ice on it for 20 minutes 3 times a day??? I prefer a legal way of ridding this extraordinary ridiculous amount of suicidal pain. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Scabootie

    6 months later i am willing to bet the patient is still with as much back pain as ever

  5. Ted Allen

    Dr. Joseph: “Do you feel any pain when you bend over?”

    Patient: “Yeah, right there where my back is”

  6. IamDaypo

    Did she really have to even bring up beards is my question.

  7. Noh'Vis

    Dude's shoes are fly

  8. Paul Day

    I wish I was in the area to make an appointment. Too bad you can’t get a travel agent and make stops in different states!!

  9. Cricket Lovers

    Sir please tell me your country name your town because I want to become your patient

  10. thai phan

    Why can't chiropractor everywhere watch more of these YouTube videos and just copy what dr Joseph techniques and moves…. alot more happier patients around the world….i feel like i can do it now…

  11. Reaction Guy

    Shout out to the people in the comments section Who take this seriously and have empathy for pain I don’t see how people make jokes about this there’s literally nothing funny about this

  12. Sabir Raji

    The was 25 year old

  13. Maurice Mendez

    I heard every piece of those 15 years of pain with the Y-strap.

  14. Tania Saravia Ponce

    Damn I wish go there release my pain…but too far away I’m in North Carolina…ps I’m 20 years old…

  15. Lucky SOB

    I just looked up the Hypervolt. That shit is $350 !!!!!! 😖😩

  16. Lucky SOB

    Calvin Klein still exists? Huh

  17. Scott Free

    Now he's actually as tall as he's been telling everybody for the last 15 years. Lol.

  18. Its joyaa

    I think all patients being seen should arrive with sweat pants on. Tight cloths stops the person from Elevating or extending their legs

  19. IB Diallo

    this guy is too big hahah lol

  20. Dwane Carter Jr.

    Dude talking about he played in college, then said intramural lmaoooo

  21. jungbin woo

    why is the treatment always the same with every patient?? is it normal??

  22. Doctor J

    Which came first the Y strap or the ring dinger ??

  23. Shawn O. Taylor

    ..im in ny
    ..visit atl often
    ..i will be skdlng an appt soon

  24. Adriana Hernandez

    "relax for meh" Release the crackin doc

  25. Adah Yandall

    Hi 🖐🏼 my name is Adah and I’m addicted to watching these videos 😳

  26. sneakyfox

    Dr Joseph Cipriano DC Type Beat

  27. shannon ashe

    You can tell he loves his job

  28. KingKon

    Sweat was pouring out his head, maybe that's his emotions coming out.

  29. Lawstidentity

    It's funny when he fixes their shirts. It's also satisfying. Like I want him to adjust their shirts too 😂

  30. rach B

    Does anyone else inhale and exhale when dr. Joseph tells his patient to?? 😂

  31. Black g G

    Damn that y strap sounded like a pool table break

  32. Jame Andy

    This back pain guidebook genuinely amazes me, look for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". In most cases, the alignment of my knees, hips and back is maintained because of this. As I get out of bed early in the day, I really don`t feel pain anymore. I`ve actually had superb advancements with my knees since using this..

  33. Its{}Ya{}Boi

    I love the girls voice behind the cam 😍🔥

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