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  2. Kitty Razor

    why do you have the washed up old bags of IRL on your show? they make IRL look bad. I commend that guy in vegas for cussing her died up old ass out. She needs to be at home baking cookies when from egypt beauty, to ancient booty

  3. mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

    The people who are disliking videos on this channel are complete scumbags, dude. Grow up and get a life

  4. IZzwizZY

    Whatever gets the views, eh? lol

  5. Murdoch Chan

    Did you really have sex with a robot?

  6. Frank Grimes

    Now we know what type of porn Chris likes.

  7. Walls

    Did he ask if she does anal? (It's a question!!)

  8. Ezra Pound Did Nothing Wrong

    Multi millionaire btw

  9. Marc Miller

    Chris needs to interview Mr G next !

  10. Christi Halliday

    Of course, I'm a dog trainer/and sports medicine gal! Lol

  11. Christi Halliday

    Hey Chris, I'm 48…easy there! Lol

  12. Christi Halliday

    She certainly is self confident

  13. Christi Halliday

    Damn girl! Shes all about putting people down! Nasty women.

  14. Christi Halliday

    Bring back GG

  15. Christi Halliday

    Jesus, I went into medicine and dog training. Sounds like I messed up! Lol🤦‍♀️

  16. Ozzy Andy

    How does corrine get more time than EB? EB an internet sensation and corrine is just mental

  17. Karim Tv

    this is crazy he is getting all the nutcases on 😀

  18. 9929kingfish

    Trashy content. There is nothing interesting or appealing about this woman.

  19. Catalepsy

    Imagen subbing to danny

  20. Dr Dildo

    Why wont you talk about Onision?

  21. WDZNI

    Chris blink twice if you are a victim of Vincent's elder abuse

  22. John S.

    STEP ONE: FIX AUDIO, CHRIS. STEP 2: FIX YOUR GUESTS. Wow. rock bottom leech, Hansen. WTF? At least address the audio problem. Can we start w. audio???????its 2019.

  23. John S.

    Utterly embarrassing. Hanson never was talented, but at least he had AUDIO TECHNOLOGY. FIX THE AUDIO, then we can talk about how bad your promoting idiots is.

  24. Sandra (still here to see the duct tape)

    WTH is this all about? All these strange people Hansen invites… Chris, are you on a

  25. Cha Cha Girl

    This is pretty bad and pure cringe. I feel kinda sad for CH…I really loved TCaP, hence my subscribing pretty quickly to this channel when it was started…it’s been pretty disappointing…honestly, CH, I was expecting way more quality stuff than stuff like this. Good lord, this chick is ghetto… and the audio is horrid. 😳🤢😣

  26. Penelopi Cruze


  27. Aymara Fan

    Haha First Age-Restricted Video: I’m 11

  28. Tessa aka Teribelle

    Have Onision the YouTube predator of underage girls on you'll do the entire internet a favor and help save future victims.

  29. Aymara Fan

    He blinked twice

  30. Anthony USMC

    Vincent needs to work on your $2 audio. Sounds like you’re on dial up Internet.

  31. Jocelyn Wyoming


  32. Spiggle

    Bring back To Catch a Predator Chris.

  33. Murdoch Chan


  34. aj l

    ???? ridiculous…….

  35. Free Thinker88

    Chris Hansen is a leach. I loved TCAP, however, he's a boomer showing up at the doorstep of the IRL party years after it was over. He's also been charged with alledgley writing false checks and alledgley SCAMMING small business'. Chris, you're out of money and this is your sad desperate attempt at chasing clout…You went from primetime TV to talking on a YouTube livestream to Corrinne4ever and Onlyusemeblade. We're not dumb, Chris. I can see right through you, sir. I'm saddened because I USED to be a huge fan.

  36. Wolf

    Ebenezer next Please

  37. Love Happiness

    a 2257 form not necessary for someone already a member of pornhub..uploading again on their site

  38. Inquisitor Rhurick

    Some women age like fine wine. This one aged like milk.

  39. Benson Robbins

    Hey! Buddy come over here and have a seat!!! I have your chat log right here!!! 😆


    Seriously Chriss Hansen is digging his own grave with these streams. Surely you can pay someone to set up your rig properly for streaming. Secondly do some research on your guests. This woman is a nobody, a troll, and mostly she talks nothing but lies just like Corrine. They're making a fool of you and you're letting them. This will be a sad ending to your career.

  41. DoctorV93

    Hansen vs technology

  42. wutdafeezi

    Lol chris interviewing all the rejects

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