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  1. hina anih

    Injury of a different kind of organ are one of the significant problems for both men and women. Particularly for the sports player also for the in general people. People are struggled to cure of this problem who have injured already. Here are the [Check Details Here==>7wow.cc/yvdf ] right solution that how to solve your organ injury by using these basic exercises.

  2. Donette Meaghan

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  3. Antonetta Kowalewski

    Workouts are simple, Just go to Unflexal workouts.

  4. Jade T. Black

    I have endured back pain for years till found a very effective treatment.

  5. Ray Jones

    8 ads WTF

  6. Chiropractor Las Vegas Back Pain Relief

    kudos for doing research in an area that prevalently ails humans, debilitating lower back pain. This is a major wellness focus in chiropractic practice particularly spinal alignment that's typically the root of lower back pain. Thank you for doing research and contributing to the knowledge base.

  7. TheAbStand

    Very interesting insight into back pain – everyone who has experienced it knows that it can be very debilitating.

    If anybody has trouble with abs exercises because of back or neck pain – visit us at the AbStand for a machine that works while you stand.

  8. Abel Csabai

    Before I start watching this, can someone tell me if this is actually information on what can I do on a daily basis, or just a promotion video for their own product?
    If it's the latter, I'm not interested.

  9. Vasile Surdu

    btw for those who are interested, watch the videos from Doug McDuff with Low Back exercises here on youtube.. they are Amazing.. especially the second exercise.

  10. camius1

    Muscle imbalances…simple as that, fix those imbalances and the back pain will go away

  11. MrLabelChannel

    man that was a pain in the lower back…

  12. D. Truth Raven

    The best heal is to be fkn 15 and be in perfect shape that is the key fkn nubs…

  13. darbone

    OH FUCK OFF. Jesus won't heal your back you fucking moron.

  14. Sunny Lovetts

    Listen people, you want to be healed of your back pain? Its actually far more simple than anything the world will tell you. All you need is REAL FAITH in Jesus Christ, after you repent of your sins. Accept him as your Lord and Savior, and ask the Holy Ghost to heal you. You will be healed, if not instantly, than very soon. God is almighty and has the ability to do amazing miracles all that is required of you is faith in his ability to do such. & Faith is knowing, not hoping that God will heal u.

  15. Vasile Surdu

    expected some excercises to remove the pain or smth

  16. Chinh lee

    Oh hey! Have you ever tried – Supreme Panic Magic (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy finally removed the panic problem with it.

  17. JamesSteeleII


    Thanks for your comment on being a 'nice chap' but based on this link can you identify why your comment is fallacious and thus why I don't consider it to be of any concern for my conclusions?

  18. Ryno JitsPlayer

    You seem like a nice chap but I must say you are woefully under qualified to be presenting on low back pain treatment with strong opinions.
    It's great that you are a passionate about this area but maybe leave it to the experts.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed my Exercise Science degree and felt like I knew the human body inside out afterward, but it wasn't until I completed my Physiotherapy degree that I realised how little I knew at the time.
    Aussie Physio

  19. 21 Studios

    You can check the MedX website, or you can ask 21 Convention speakers in person at The 21 Convention 2012 of Melbourne Australia! The event will be in Melbourne from November 30th – December 2nd 2012 in downtown Melbourne. Hope to cya there!

    — Anthony Dream Johnson
    Event Founder

  20. roflex2

    where can I find a MedX machine in Adelaide, Australia

  21. roflex2

    I love how solid the science here is, guy knows how to research properly! wish more scientists/researchers were this solid.

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