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  1. Mr.hamster

    I’ve had it today I feel like dying 😫 ( hpv jab)

  2. Audrey Hartman

    its not propoganda my mom did research on it and it is in fact true

  3. badcatinbronx

    That is a lie.

  4. Grim Fandango

    Vaccinate by 11 or 12? What are they,sickos? Don't they care about the children? They ought to be vaccinated in the womb, then they will be safe.

  5. Clan Johnstone

    lol at the views, manufactured so its popular! U.S.A inc.
    Inject your children with HPV preventing viruses! It helps even if you don't have HPV! Baaahhhh Bahhhhhh i need more ground up gmo grain feed Bahhhhh Bahhhh 

    terrible animation btw

  6. offwiththefairies77

    Dear oh dear.  :/  Say NO to the vaccine. "Liked" for others to view the propaganda being peddled to the sleeping masses.

  7. lawful rebellion .org

    Using fear tactics to sell cancer preventing vaccines that don't work and cause adverse reactions and even death? I see i've wondered into that bizarre part of youtube again.

  8. Montacos

    Goat have kids, people have children. CDC's trying to intimidate us to vaccinate our children and risk a brain damage.

  9. radiomanze1

    More propaganda and lies, I wonder how many working for the CDC get their kids vaccinated  

  10. andrew hodgkinson

    The HPV is dangerous. 
    My daughter still sleeps 18-20 hours per day and has done ever since she had the HPV 16 months ago. 
    Childrens lives are being ruined by the HPV
    Many have died. 

  11. Truthstream Media

    Nice propaganda. More than 4,000 people a year have reported the harm this vaccine has caused them to the government's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Some have been irrevocably damaged, some have died. The government has awarded Gardasil vaccine victims nearly $6 million, look it up.

  12. Gail Cutting

    This is really BAD!  The worst form of propaganda!  DON't LISTEN!

  13. ianman6

    +Evil Shred The testing is already done, and it works. You need a vaccine, and it's called education. It will cure your stupidity. It's been tested and approved.

  14. ianman6

    @shopdude10 Vaccine against a virus. A virus which causes vaccine. "How stupid do they think people really are????" You are the answer to your own question.

  15. Craig7280

    Another load of mainstream propaganda pushed by the Harmaceutical lobby and the powers that be to profit off of uninformed sheep. What a great way to cull the herd and what a load of crap as well!

  16. chantal lad

    No way! Fear mongering at it's best!

  17. Maddy Hall

    I disagree. Vaccines do more harm than good.

  18. C0wCakes

    @shopdude10, No it's hard science fact that if a person doesn't contract HPV there is far less chance of developing several types of cancer which include cervical cancer and testicular cancer. Fortunately it appears the majority are far less stupid than you.

  19. Nicole Slater

    I thought hpv was transmitted sexually, if so, these vaccinations are to be given to 11-12 year olds? Wow, parents should actually parent and teach kids about being safe and the importance of safety and instill moral judgement. In all aspects of life. So many diseases wouldn't keep spreading if people just used common sense. And actually washed their hands. But its a money game and the big wigs are always looking at new ways to cash in and inflate their already huge bank accounts.

  20. rare1walking

    Vaccinate against cancer? Read the truth and the studies, not the PR ads. This vaccine is another money-making fraud. Your kids don't need the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign proteins and multiple side effects, possibly death. Just say NO to harming your kids. Boost your immune. Protect during sex. Educate your kids. Stop touching your kids if you smoke, as the chemicals end up in the cervical tissues.

  21. Mary Alice

    Don't let big pharma fool you. HPV vaccines are not failproof and come with many risks, such as being unable to detect HPV cancer and serious adverse reactions. Two of my best friends nearly died from the HPV vaccine. 0/10 would not recommend.

  22. Hero Miles

    Lost all respect for Upworthy

  23. Linda Shannon

    People should read article Japan’s Ministry of Health withdraws Support for Gardasil Vaccine. Kyodo Aug 24, 2013 Injured or disabled teens’ parents are stepping up efforts to permanently end the government’s subsidy program for injections of Cervarix and Gardasil. Regular pap smear are more effective and less risk than jab. Vaccinating at 11 year old false sense of security protection only last five years. By time sexually active effects wear off. There have been several recalls of this product. over 150  deaths. If this product were a car it would have been permanently recalled by now.

  24. kelly alexander

    wow there are some really stupid people out there! yeah it's all a lie. do the rest of us a favor and don't vaccinate your daughters. maybe they won't reproduce and spread more ignorance. 

  25. Juris Ahn

    I almost quit my Upworthy daily because Rajiv Narayan is obviously a fan of advertising and marketing and not a fan of science. This ad is pure propaganda funded by pharmaceutical companies who use bad science to scare and intimidate a gullible population made so by this kind of black white thinking inoculated into Americans by the lack of real critical thinking or real science education. You are either 'pro-science' or a conspiracy theorist. THE HPV vaccine unfortunately and legitimately feeds the anti-science and poorly educated masses while real vaccines are then lumped in with this profit mongering idiocy. Please people, yes the CDC is compromised and pretending to do science while giving into the highest bidder, but that does not mean that all vaccines are bad! And Rajiv, since you do promote legit science videos on Upworthy, please do a little research before you 'UP' BS. Thank You!

  26. Katie P

    Yeah….we'll pass, thanks.  HPV is also transmitted from mother to child.  Are you checking these children first to see if they already have it, or just randomly and needlessly vaccinating children with a vaccine that has killed? 

    YOUR words:  "In most cases HPV goes away by itself before it causes any health problems, and most people who become infected with HPV do not even know they have it."

    And then there's this:  "There is no treatment for the virus itself, but there are treatments for the health problems that HPV can cause."


    Oh, and this:  "HPV vaccines will not treat or get rid of existing HPV infections."

  27. Aprinsa

    I just got my second Gardasil shot today. 🙂 Get vaccinated! Men, too! There need to be more vaccines, though. There are other strains.


    All you fool people that write against vaccinations, I suggest you go and visit people that have lost someone from cervix cancer. Go and tell their mothers that there is a vaccination that could save your child, but we don't believe that it's true. Wait for their answers. 
    If you think that all these numbers are fake and young people don't die from cervix cancer you are living in your own imaginative reality. 
    Better consider the possibility to save the life of your children, if you have one, by vaccinating them. So simple as that! And leave the SciFi for the movies my dear shopdude 10. Didn't anybody told you? You have missed episodes. There are vaccinations against cancer many years now. Hepatitis B is another one!!

  29. Andrea Andrea

    Hpv related cancers suck ! : (.

  30. Xolcin

    This makes it look like HPV is airborne…which it isn't.

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