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  1. Hei Arnold

    Can you give me some tips on supplements for vaginal lubrication . I’ve tried the major curves kacip Fatima from your review for tightening and it’s amazing but I’m still dry which isn’t the best combo. Thank you!

  2. Atong Yel

    Even though we’ve never seen your face you look amazing! Lol your skin looks great!!

  3. Lamya Saad

    I wish I can remember to take my collagen powder it tastes bad so I keep putting it off everytime. Im pretty sure its going to expire soon 😅
    Did u try the nebulizer with any new techniques? I've also just purchased the bulksupplements glutathione and its not dissolving. Do u think they they changed their powder?

  4. Hei Arnold

    You’re looking great !! Collagen & HA together have really helped my skin look lighter simply from it being more moisturized looking . I noticed Dry dull skin always looks darker no matter the shade .

  5. mara mma

    To clean my blender i just fill it with 1/3 with water and dish soap and let it spin….cleans in seconds

  6. Cates White

    Your skin looks amazing

  7. Sara S

    you look so much healthier wow .

  8. Kawaii Lolita

    Hey tatti I am planning to start taking only msm for skin lightening my current skin color is olive in a month what would my color be btw I will be taking 2 tablespoon a day which is 4000 mg or maybe more..

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