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  1. Pine Cone Eagle Man

    Hey guys welcome back to bitching with Babish

  2. barely living

    damn thought this was grey food from the Eric Andre show

  3. Jigglypuff

    Can you please do the stew from Ratatouille?

  4. Fatma Ahmed

    Wonder ful❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Amanda

    Can you do pate?

  6. JustBCause LMAO

    This is amazing 😉 keep it up!!!

  7. Robin Keogh

    What’s up with the audio

  8. Ares Langer

    He said give it a little flip🧐 My mouse trap Monday senses are tingling

  9. Marshawn Kilpatrick

    I hate to ruin this for you but the grey stuff is not chicken liver, the Grey Stuff Gateau; it consists of “a white chocolate mousse and red velvet cake with a sweet raspberry center,”

  10. FAD3 DRAG00N

    Sounds weird

  11. Vince Floris

    Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the Babish!

  12. AisleRegretThis

    Babish, it aint got nothing to do with you dude I swear… but at 5:31, was anyone else, really stoned and thought it changed into a woman with huge breasts?. And i mean for a split second.

  13. Darion Akins

    Should've done grey stuff from the Eric Andre Show

  14. Diana Perez

    dude i thought my headphones was having a seizure lol

  15. norwegian m8

    5:15 motivation takes many forms and today it’s pancake

  16. Delia Delgado

    There’s probably a really simple answer, but how do you make chicken liver mousse without a blender?

  17. Spoiler [purged]

    You know what they say if it’s grey it’s good for you

  18. lampshade

    I thought it would be the gray food from Eric Andre

  19. Elle R

    Was anyone else upset that it didn’t even end up being grey

  20. The Creeper King

    Did this episode sound weird or muffled? Or is it just me

  21. RachelLovesBirds

    I guess you learn something new everyday! I never would have expected you could make mousse out of liver and salmon!! Keep it up 😀

  22. Gunz Blasing

    Is anyone else audio scuffed?

  23. fan of every thing

    why did you make this im so confused who can enjoy liver

  24. unga bunga

    Sound quality wasnt the best

  25. ImperialSkoom

    The start was fucking demonic ahahahahahah

  26. Glorious Content

    Do Silence of the Lambs.

  27. iCrowd FN

    why was the audio so bad

  28. Esmeé Xavier

    Thank you for revealing the universal truth about making pancakes: THE FIRST BATCH ALWAYS COMES OUT WEIRD. I thought it was just me and my amateur cooking hahaha.

  29. Post from Everywhere

    Looks like Babish got Disney’d

  30. Sardrellas

    Grey stuff is just cookies and cream mouse: they have it at Disney world lol

  31. Jordan Hann

    A quick glance at the thumbnail got me thinking you were gonna recreate the grey stuff from the Eric Andre show.

  32. Roan Blower

    Do americans bot have sausage rolls??? You made saisage rolls nor pigs in blankets

  33. Amédèe

    just because of the clip at the beginning, it fucked the audio for the ENTIRE video.

    Great methods from benevolent god YouTube.

  34. Sasoriscarecrow

    I love this, because I always assumed that the grey stuff was savory, not sweet.

  35. Vee Lightweight

    I legit thought my laptop was broken from Lumier's singing at the beginning.

  36. Ali Eng

    Please do the imaginary food from Hook!

  37. Beaster565

    Tale as old as thyme

  38. Ho Ge


  39. Stay Frosty

    If you're watching this video now, I'm sorry that the audio had to be copyright striked and you didn't get to watch this video when it wasn't.

  40. Mason Jones

    The fact that he can take all of that and make it real and that precise shows how much skill he has as a cook, thumbs up babish

  41. Lieutenant Dude

    grey? i thought purple

  42. Wa luigi

    Is it me or is the audio bad?

  43. Mehumursu

    1:02 isnt that a olive?

  44. Micaela Castro

    You should make the food from teletubbies!

  45. charronfilms

    How about the fishheads from the live action remake?

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