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  1. Jessica Vega

    The Baby talk voice…girl x__X

  2. Brenda Nowicki

    I get the Lululun face masks from the Japan pavilion in Epcot all the time (I work at Disney so I spend a lot of time shopping there). I really like them.

  3. maya jama

    What contacts are you wearing? Their so pretty!

  4. LunaArtemis9995

    I’ve been to that Donqui! Makes me want to go back to Japan right freaking now! ❤️

  5. Ourfamily Goals

    Japanese have blog app name LIPS but its in japanese ofcourse its a big help for mee as foreigner who recently resides here

  6. Angela Wang

    I wish I could go… I would literally be there for one whole bag and come out with a whole cart of stuff (gotta stock up while you’re there) 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Madam Shawn

    you should try heroine make mascara.. i know it cheap there..

  8. starberryblossom

    Can you explain how the taxes free work?

  9. Hellokitty

    I’ve always wanted a baby Vaseline but don’t know where I can buy one in uk

  10. Long Long

    What do you think of anessa sunscreens??

  11. marylou bernard

    Check it out my video too

  12. marylou bernard

    Amazing stuff

  13. J

    I love your shopping with you videos. So jealous!! I want to try Skin Aqua but hard to find. I want the Biore packs!!

  14. A T

    A 3 pack of Biore Aquarich sunscreen??!
    such a beautiful sight :')

  15. J C

    Good stuff, but you did missed out on some jewels… my recommendation: the eye mask sheets in the red/gold packs by Kose, Opera‘s gloss lipsticks, Integrate’s cosmetics, Media’s foundation in a tub, Kose Sekkisei products (those blue packaging skin care which you said for acne prone skin, they do have different range and my favourite is the sun essence gel, better than Biore In my opinion). Check out their hair products too and nail essence (my favourite).

  16. N M

    the DHC oil cleanser is THE BOMB

  17. Sumting_Wong

    U should also recommend the hotel u stayed at!Sunroute Plaza is one of the most convenient hotels in Shinjuku!

    Next time u can also go to the Kabukicho Don quijote but it is very very tight.I personally prefer the Shinjuku one.

    Also with the eyedrops, if u wear contacts, make sure u get the one that is suitable for contacts.The pink one has 2 types.

  18. Tekken

    What is going on with your voice?

  19. Natalie-a V.

    I love this kind of video.. Thank u for that❤️ did u already tried the eye drops? Are they good?

  20. cutiediane2468

    Can u do a quick shoutout about the Melano CC vitamin c essence? I've seen it around but never knew what it does or if it's good. I also see the soy(?) cleanser at 6:02 everywhere but dont know why it's so popular. Thanks for the video Morgan! 😊👋

  21. Catlady Lion

    Thanks for uploading this video . I have always wanted to dazzle into Japanese beauty products but no idea where to start.

  22. Kian Fahrentia

    Why are you so adorable in this particular video? My heart just can't… UwU

    Hada Labo is my favorite Japanese skincare brand, people need to try 'em coz they're THAT good.

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