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  1. MrSpeedo804

    There is Nothing Fabulous about Jackie. I knew she would go home tonight.

  2. tommytbear69


  3. beutiful adi15

    love comedians <3

  4. vishkiller23

    She felt a little flat in the semi final

  5. Julienne Dy

    That wasn't funny or relatable. 😕 I'm so confused.

  6. Zaimoku Okami, The Ultimate Werewolf


  7. Laura Gann

    How do I find that dress!!

  8. MagicianFlip69

    I think she was nervous

  9. Sepentina Gaming

    Who is the new judge that looks like Howie with hair?!

  10. Thomas Russell

    Okay, I've watched the video, some one please tell me when the funny starts.

  11. yikes ._.

    It was alright didnt make me laugh like always and I saw the ppl there too that werent laughing like before 😐

  12. LoL KS

    straight face gang 😐

  13. Yas XO

    she used such an old joke she did at a comedy club.

  14. Brandotrapnanana 64

    Yep I skipped to the end, get her off the stage

  15. Brandotrapnanana 64



    Some are saying it basically wasn't a great set. I'm sorry that it was a little raw and edgy…but it was very vulnerable and authentic. I feel all comedians find therapy in their work as does anyone who follows their passions. So much respect to her. I personally enjoyed the set.

  17. Swapnesh

    Since this act wasn't that funny , let me write a joke for all viewers.


  18. Amar Mishra

    She cribs all the time especially about her problem. Even Howie who is liberal with his laugh couldn't find much. Not funny

  19. rebecca dzineku

    Her jokes are too predictable and she's loosing her stage presence

  20. rebecca dzineku

    I'm sorry to say this but I'm disappointed. Really. I am

  21. The Brick Bro

    We need the judges opinions! Please!

  22. Keyon Davis

    I disagree with Simon. I think this was better than her last performance

  23. Gods Vibes

    She should be in Movies, she is so funny without trying.

  24. x0enitz

    Well this was a fail. Her quarterfinal act was far superior

  25. Jagadish Kumar

    Not entertaining

  26. Summer Of Sam Summer Of Sam

    She's great. Problem is, comedians on this show get so far and then they just kind of burn out. She needs to go on a show specifically for comedians.

  27. John Dee

    I plan to keep an eye out for her on the comedy club circuit. I would definitely go see her!!

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