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  1. Deborah Kumah

    Original Baako Pe, you are on another level,wow more sunshine in your life in Jesus name

  2. t sym

    Can’t wait to see the video

  3. Sdxcd Wsfc

    Tnx for sharing madam Betty. Keep it up interesting show

  4. Dina Atta

    Am going to love this weight loss journey.God bless you

  5. Mabel Owusu

    Oh God continue to bless this woman. Glued to my phone for this.

  6. Elorm Bansah

    can't wait oo

  7. Regina Oduro

    Waiting for the video on weight loss tips

  8. Obaa Yaa

    Yesssssss!!!!!!! the video's are COMING PLENTY!!! Just can't wait to watch them! Thnx O.M.B

  9. Vivien Darko

    We are waiting for the tips Mama Betty, much love!

  10. Peggy Dzormeku

    Waiting ooo

  11. Abena Emelia

    Cant wait mummy

  12. Offei Bea

    Will be waiting for the story behind weight lose so I can start my own from there 🥰🥰


    You doing an amazing work paa oh….

  14. Gifty laryea

    Nice one ☝🏽

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