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  1. Myriam in UK

    #huda beauty i love you myriam from morocco welcome to uk

  2. sss mmm

    ترجمي الفديوات انتي مو عراقيه وشعبج داعميج ومشجعيج وانحبج ترجمي😡😡

  3. sara malik

    You look very very old, to be honest with you…

  4. Maira Imtiaz

    I honestly think so many products are barely gonna do any good for the skin.

  5. hardeep kakkar

    The way she put on d lipgloss😲

  6. A Wos

    They let you bring a razor on the plane ?

  7. مُـتميزة

    Lot of masks

  8. قناة منوعات M

    I love you بحبك اوي

  9. Ethel Couturier

    Huda, you didn’t leave the links for the blue and red light therapy. Can you send it to me please 😘

  10. Gin Amber

    It's not steamer. It's a mister. Like a spray toner 🤪🤗

  11. Clarissa

    Love this queen<3 Will you list all the products you used. I would love to try them out. The skin care and light therapies etc..

  12. Coce Coce

    I love you 😍😍😍💋💋❤️❤️❤️😭😭

  13. Santa Fe Fashion Week™

    Love your vlog!

  14. M R M R

    انسانة غير واقعية عايشة جوها هي وقاعدة تتسلى لأن غنية في جلسة وحدة حطت عشرة اقنعة وعدة أجهزة و ماسك مضيء بلمبات ملونة كأنه لعبة اطفال ماهذا السخف ماذا استفدنا بالله و فوق هذا بشرتها غير جميلة ولا مشدودة

  15. Amal 94

    That's a lot… i literally just use aloe vera when i feel like my face needs treatment and that's it.

  16. Moon xuajav

    Jaja 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣💛💋🤩. Omg

  17. AiSHa SIdDIquI

    So cute!!

  18. Ne Oe

    Ich habe 2 Paletten von der Marke "Huda Beauty" die ich gut finde. Die Farben sind sehr Pigmentiert. Dieser flüssige Lidschatten "melted shadows" Wie das auch immer heißt, ist eine Katastrophe. Das war ein richtiger Fehlkauf gewesen 😖
    Und sie hat immer den gleichen Stil, immer macht sie irgendwie das gleiche make up. Total langweilig 😒

  19. Glasgow woman

    Honestly, as a frustrated dermatologist, i can tell you that you just wasted a lot of time and that routine would upset a lot of skin types. You are doing far too much. This was most unnecessary.



  21. Mrs Abrar

    Huda u do a lot with ur skin
    But still ur skin is not perfect I don’t mean in wrong way I just want to say ths all treatments now a days don’t work even injections


    هاي شتخلي لوجهه

  23. Maria Maria

    I thought she is 45 years old 😂😂😂

  24. Ester Sousa

    Love it

  25. Bianca Bella

    i smell like broke.

  26. Zubee Kiyani

    Lips ka kya hal hogaya hy…

  27. Austin D

    um you could actually be doing a lot of things that are not helping your skin.. 2nd.. how in the hell do you get on a plane with a razor?

  28. The basics

    Insane. .. leave your face Alone!

  29. Zozo Zozo

    يا ريت تتكلمي عراقي او عربي

  30. محترفة المونتاج *

    احبج هدى متابعتج من العراق
    i love you huda Follow you from iraq ❤

  31. Max Altenbernd

    Where do you got that steamer from?
    I am German🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  32. Melany Vigil Castro

    where is the music tho? it's so boring without music!

  33. Lollipop Couture

    You are so beautiful, I'm obsessed with Huda Boss! I just uploaded my Allure × HudaBeauty Unboxing I love love everything included in this box. I would appreciate your love and support.

  34. Ishaya

    I love you hudaaa 💕💕💕

  35. هوا الحرية

    كل هذا و بشرتك مو حلوة مية بالمية 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  36. ikram koukou

    Nghsal ghir b le gele nettoyant dyali wwjhai safi khir mn wjhak 😂

  37. Gul Ahmed

    Omg so many products😯still not that much Glow!!!you dont need so many products


    ولله كلشي ماجاي افتهم انريد ترجمه
    لان اكثر متابعينج عربي

  39. نونه نونه

    كل هاي الامور الي تستخدميها و وجهج يبين تعبان شسالفه اني اغسل وجهي بصابونه يطلع يلمع 😂 حبج خاله هدى فدوه كوني لطيفه ويا بنات العراق وقللي من سعر مكياجج تره هنا بالعراق قطونه قط بالاسعار يعني يبيعون مكياجج كللللش غالي 😭 صيري حبابه وسويلنا تخفيض 😚😚

  40. Riya S

    Hi Huda, you are amazing. I watch all your videos. You didn’t mention the name of the handheld blue/red light therapy device and blue/red mask. Could you please name them. Thank you so so much. 🙏🏼😊😍🤗👍

  41. Syeda rubina Sultana

    I thought my left airpod isn't working 😂😂😂😂

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