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  1. Marissa Seckar

    I just recreated this look and i LOVE IT!!! You gained a new subscriber 🥰

  2. Serena Arthur

    Beautiful eye look! 💕💕

  3. carmeluchi6

    Incredible eye look😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Nikki Dent

    Such an beautiful look, you so gorgeous!

  5. keely

    I wasnt that excited for this palette when i first saw it but now 👀🤩💛 this look is absolutely gorg as per usual!

  6. Vinessa Hernandezzz

    You should do this crease color with that white shimmer on the lid for another video 😍❤

  7. Zsa Zsa Frasser

    That’s my fav huda palette 🥰 it’s so prettyyyyyy!!! I loved the ig you made of this look 😍😍😍😍 I’m obsessed!! I saved it to recreate it ❤️

  8. An Apple A Day

    very pretty😍 love the eye makeup look👍🏼 couldn't agree more this palette is stunning😍 my fave right now🙊 just wanna share my eye makeup looks on this gorgeous palette> https://youtu.be/QB7___1lSlQ xo💋

  9. Kathryn Cain

    Your makeup looks amazing!!! 😌

  10. erosemakeupx

    Love your videos so much girl this is stunning 💕💕

  11. Dee Luther

    🌷😗😗😗😗Such a Great video💕
    😍BreaThtakinG thumbnail tho😍
    😻You definitely Slay This LooK😻
    😁Beautifully you are😁
    Ur Makeup always look cuTe
    Hope u Enjoying your Bless WeeK

  12. Maggie Hardy

    This look is beautiful! I hope to get my hands on this palette some day 💙💙 xoxo 😘

  13. ShaRae Burr

    I need this palette…just can’t afford it rn cuz I bought tati& jsxshanes palettes🙌🏼

  14. Vanessa McKane

    If your eyes are flaky dry on the eyelids try La Roche Posay ultra toleraine eye cream (think I’ve remembered the name right) it fixed patches of dryness I had on my eyes 🙂

  15. Ariadna salcido


  16. E Yo

    You look AMAZING WOW 😍

  17. Raelina Campos

    Oh my goodness!! The look is beautiful!!!💙💙💙

  18. Ruby Gregory

    This is one of my favourite looks you’ve done, that shimmer is stunning! Need to get my hands on this palette now ✨

  19. Becca Sycamore

    Stunning!!! 💖

  20. Ms. Ezmirelda

    This eye look is so pretty

  21. tassotazzina

    So magical and beautiful 🥰

  22. Maja V

    I love those colors ,i hope i'll be able to purchase the palette for myself for Christmas!😍 love your videos!

  23. KeiraFayeSings

    Love this look😍🥴

  24. Macey Taylor


  25. Madi B

    Idk what it is but that palette is literally mesmerizing to me!! Love that blue shimmer dear lord it’s beautiful

  26. ru blue

    You look amazing !! Also where are those BEAUT earrings from???!!

  27. Moroccan Touch

    Ahhhhh I love when you do reviews 😍😍 I wish I could afford this huda palette 🙈

  28. fattychoccie

    WAAHHH just that first matte you applied – its got me hooked (dammit!) So opaque yet blendable. Love the final look as well!😍👌🏽 xxxx

  29. MakeupBy KaitRae

    i love this look <3

  30. #Makeup tutorial

    Tomorrow is my homecoming and I am definitely going to recreate this look 💯💯👍🏻and I bet everyone will look at me like 😮👈🏻this

  31. Becky Hoskyns

    Oh my lawdddd and this look and palette 😍😍😍

  32. Ana Carrillo

    I just found your channel yesterday, and I love it. You are amazing, very talented. Your eye looks are beautiful. I’m buying this palette and the norvina vol 2+3 because of you.
    Which palette are you using on your profile picture?

  33. Emaleth De Loessian

    Very well !!!! Amazing look!

  34. Paul McDonald

    Love how you say Huda Beauty 🤣 Hudy booty 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Jenna Theobalds

    Wait I'm early for a change! 😂💗

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