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  1. chloe

    And that’s on Patty Bladdel

  2. Knight Armor

    I am 6 pageant winner and i still dont know how it happened.( 3 national 2 local and 1 international)

  3. SOFIA Zar

    The girl in the beginning is from Dhar Mann…!

  4. MotivatedAngel

    More pageant horror storys!! 🧡🙏

  5. Janice Beane

    You should do sorority horror stories

  6. Ann Locke

    I had a pageant roommate try to sneak her boyfriend into our room at the Miss Teen NY pageant which is very strictly forbidden. She ended getting kicked out of the pageant entirely because she caused some other issues as well but I was 1st runner up so all’s well that ends well.

  7. Jacklyn Houston

    I've seen the first girl on Dhar Mann's channel!

  8. Larissa Reyes

    if your director have you an approved outfit why would you change it? it’s a competition why would you even listen to you roommate?

  9. Nicole Meneses

    How horrific is it that the judges and the public pick a girl that shows that shes so great, but you dont actually know how she is backstage!! You could be picking the most horrible human Being in the contest

  10. Olive Dizzy

    Maybe it's true when even if things are falling apart around you(literally). Just keep your cool, there's power and beauty in that.😄

  11. lil asian boi

    god the second girl was gorgeous 🥺🤩

  12. divya shenoy

    Ashna had been in dhar mann s videos .. i love him and she is so beautiful

  13. makter03

    I want to see the first girls picnic pictures so I can get a better idea of what prom dresses someone would wear to a picnic

  14. TY VLOGS

    I am distantly related to Miriam qiambao miss universe 1999 1st runner up

  15. summersbythesea

    Danielle has great delivery. She looks like Olivia Culpo to me, but it’s probably the hair.

  16. Finn Murphy

    Please provide captions for future videos.

  17. La Pinya Colada

    Very convenient video, Buzzfeed, considering I just applied for Miss DC USA yesterday.

  18. Hegi Kalaj

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  19. Spence !!

    aye like if u go to SUNY purchase

  20. brandon delis


  21. Kassy's weird gacha's bloop

    I won a pagent in my kindergarten (around 2012) during the talent section, i forgot my lines. I somehow won 1st place though

  22. Marry Goround

    Really? Open toe sandals and a casual dress is a horror story?

  23. Emira Nura

    Do "Eqestrians share their horror stories"

  24. born strong

    3:05 girl you seriously had to consult from one of the staff
    The director is right…..pageants are like kind of games though

  25. Ailin Ell

    Wow, the second story is terrifying. Not sure how I would have handled it.

  26. Jiddy12345


  27. Lee- MusicLover

    As Is, I have nothing against these lovely ladies and all, but I really think yall should just give this series up. You can look at the views and see that the series is just not very popular. In addition, I feel like As Is is stalling a lot these days…. it's a lot of series or connected videos so it just ends up feeling like you watch the same thing over and over. For example, in the past 3 weeks you have THREE dermatologist videos. Then yall have all the same "we tried" this clothing trend or makeup trend, then also "women guess" series. there are a ton of interesting, wonderful women around the world and it would be great to hear/see their stories. also, women have more interests than just clothes and makeup, so even thought its fine to do those videos, it would be good to have additional videos that don't fall into those same categories. hope you can take viewers' opinions into consideration. i have been a fan of this channel for a loooong time (since its inception before it was even boldly lol) but i havent watched anything but one video on here for a 1month because none of the videos have caught my attention. good luck in the future- hope to see interesting and creative content in the future!

  28. Jane

    Beauty pageants are so stupid

  29. Robin Cork

    The person that was rude and stood on the girls dress, doesn’t deserve to win, no qualities of a leader and just a horrible person

  30. Gabriella radle

    This episode was boring, give me real horror stories like graveyard workers or strippers

  31. Joanna Fyfe

    The second girl reminds me of Colleen Ballinger so much

  32. Nicole Foti

    The first girl's roommate was totally sabotaging her hahahaha

  33. Tyra

    unless it’s a sports event, how can you be dressing casual in a PAGEANT??? 😂😂😂😂 literally 99.95% of your score is looking beautiful 😂

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