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  1. Sarah Larsen

    When is your merch going to restock the I'm stressed hoodie's in the pink color or purple color????

  2. Aubrie Nicole

    Your necklace is life 😭💕 I need one for my man

  3. Jessica Osborne

    I literally spent $200 @ Sephora so I can have your exact face set up! I also used code ash at check out for the Nirvana lashes & i am going to order your merch asap! I think you’re such a beautiful human inside & out, luv u 😛
    Also my favorite products are the NYX glitters & the Kesha palette & I also really enjoy the Morphe setting spray!

  4. Magenta Bee

    I just jumped on that Urban Decay Naked foundation and I am in love! I've spent the last couple of days annoying everyone I know by telling them to look at my skin and tell me how amazing it looks 😂😂

  5. brynn victoria

    how are you not a victoria’s secret model ?

  6. Marisol Pena

    Lol same- I love the KKW lip liners. Great video

  7. KayLeigh Lopez

    I feel the same way about my old fav lip liners. Have you tried the ones from Thrive? They’re supposed to be great. I haven’t tried them but curious if you have.

  8. Sophia G. Beaumont


  9. Samistall

    Yes! You’re skin looks greeeeaat ❤️

  10. Hamflabagaba

    I wasn't even done with the video and my order was already placed for the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I haven't found a single one that works for me but I'm hoping this is gonna be the one 🙏

  11. Kassy

    I love the glossier balms in cherry and mint 🥰🥰🥰

  12. officer k

    Yay these are my fave videos

  13. CSTHXO

    You look so stunning! Also I just wanted to say I absolutely adore the direction you're taking your channel, I've always enjoyed your content but over the past year you can tell that you're genuinely passionate about the videos you're making, you seem so much happier in your videos and its so refreshing to watch. I appreciate the way you describe why you like a product as well, rather than "i like this lipliner because its my favourite lipliner!", I know that you've mentioned that you feel that you aren't very articulate or good with words but I disagree! Looking forward to watching you grow and seeing what your creativity brings this year! xoxxoo❤❤❤

  14. Sam Michelle

    Dude your skin looks SPECTACULAR! So glowy and fresh ❤

  15. Ms. Ezmirelda


  16. Olivia Rose

    Ur jayce necklace is too cute

  17. Kristin Deltoro

    Omg.. I need that sugar pill pallet😻😻

  18. Lindsey TR

    I totally agree with you in regards to the eye primer! I know that the ABH eye primer gets a lot of hype and it probably is good. However, I prefer the Fenty eye primer because I think it is more universal for different skin tones. I also like the consistency as it does not dry my eyelids. It would be nice if ABH comes out with that eye primer in other shades. That white color just looks to pastey on me. BTW, I love your necklace! 🙂

  19. Veronica Rincon

    I feel similar on the abh eye primer

  20. Olivia Block

    I have eczema on my hands too!! And I so agree with you on KKW and Kylie…I love so many of their products

  21. Anne M.

    omg i loooove green eyeshadow on you ..
    i just noticed your necklace it's so cute , where did you get it ?

  22. Kaylin Gore

    I’ve never understood the hype with MAC lip liners. I think their color selection is awesome but they always tug at my lips. You should try the Pat McGrath lip liners. Pricey but oh so good.

  23. Tanya Gencheva

    Your skin is amazing!

  24. Lizzie Turbett

    where did you get your necklace?? i would love one with my bf's name on it

  25. Abbie Atchison

    I bought the sugarpill funsize pallet because of you and I’m so unbelievably inlove. It’s so damn pigmented and so easy to blend. I try to buy so many things you recommend (UD glitter liner, Fenty diamond bomb, galifornia blush, etc) I wish I could put your name down everytime I make a purchase based off your recommendation. You are genuinely one of my favorite beauty babes because you create such amazing looks and are so genuine. ♥️

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