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  1. Dan Parks


  2. Danielle's Habibis

    Hey Amanda. Would you do a tutorial for your make up look you are wearing in this video please.. I Love it. Very simple but beautiful.. thank you in advance… Btw I have been a fan for a long time. I just don’t comment much. 😘😘

  3. Paige B

    Can you give me the color name for this bag please? It is sold out on YSL website.

  4. Kim Liner

    Have you considered doing a “get ready with me”?? Would love to see your morning skin care routine and makeup app

  5. Heather Hernandez

    Need a tutorial on your bun

  6. قناة الأخوين AAH


  7. قناة الأخوين AAH

    اريد دعم

  8. قناة الأخوين AAH

    اريد دعم

  9. Terry Garza

    Love your videos Miss Amanda👏👏👏😍

  10. Coco Bexar

    Awesome favorites video! 💓 Thank you for mentioning the brand and store of the items that you purchased, it makes me feel like you’re sharing the information with a friend and having conversation about it! I still can’t believe that Sam Edelman has one of his brands at Walmart, affordable AND comfortable, that’s so amazing! 😍 Now off to watch your Amazon haul!! 🙌🏼😊

  11. Stephanus Silalahi

    subscribe yaa please thankyou

  12. Bubbles And Bags

    You are such a lovely U tuber 😘

  13. Jennifer Rose

    I love all your luxury videos. Thanks for helping a sister out! 🌸

  14. Mommies, Makeup And Moscato

    Love your favorites videos but feel like they’re dangerous for my wallet😂 Great wedges!

  15. hendry novrizal

    I already like and subcribe … reply yes bro … thanks

  16. PINK_GODDESS_747

    Always love your videos and your style….. Im into the trendy transparent clear shoes and bags right now and Im enjoying them to the fullest….. Enjoy what you love whether its high or low……!!

  17. Titus2Chic

    Amanda, I would really love your opinion on this. I'm in the market for a black cross body, what would you recommend between the PM in empreinte or the YSL?

  18. Miranda Wick

    Love that initial necklace. I just bought one off Nordstrom Rack 🙂 and that bag is gorg. one of my favs in your collection… and yes, I had the YSL medium kate chain bag and the magnet was soooo strong I felt like I was going to bend the flap opening it.

  19. Nat Shaw

    love this video ❤️

  20. Dawn Elizabeth

    A "What I can fit in my bag" for the YSL. Seems comparable to LV Pouchette Metis size wise.

  21. Chic Little Things

    Looove that YSL Bag. I think I'm going to buy it in black!

  22. Tasha T

    What's in my bag video please..

  23. Styled4Life

    Great video. loved your favorites

  24. LuxLover VB81

    I want to WARN everyone about that LA Mer Essence. I tried it, and literally in two or three days, both eyes were swollen and I had a rash on my eyes and both my cheeks. It felt like sand paper and my eye were sore like minor sun burned feel. It took about a week for it to clear up. I am NEVER, EVER LEAVING SK-II again!

  25. Jen M

    Would love to see a comparison between the YSL and the Pochette Metis! And an old school what in my bag/what fits in the YSL!

  26. Jasminka D.

    You look so cute with your hairdo. Loved your favourites 😍

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