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  1. Ritsukaberry

    $24.50 for a metal straw? No thanks.

  2. Jeanby Ogayon

    Love you always. Silent fan here from Philippines 😘😘

  3. jing feng

    hi!! may i know what lens are u wearing in this video? it’s so pretty!! 😍

  4. Salfok sama anting2 kak sunny❤️

  5. Layyin gans

    still waiting for ur rose makeup tutorial:]

  6. gracechampagne

    What’s that underneath her eye ?

  7. paradiseana1 ana

    You look very pretty today and always. Luv the stunning Vanity Fair cover of classic beauty/Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Thanks! For sharing. K-beauty fan.

  8. snowfalls

    May I know which eyeshadows are you using in this video? Love your look and getup here ^^

  9. random bts fangirl in the coment section

    You are beautiful 💕

  10. Arah Virtucio

    Love the hair! what color is it?

  11. Pet_tula Rhodes

    You look so young with blonde hair and super cute I love it


    You have resemblance to sandara park(2n1)

  13. Kesih Nurjanah

    Gak ngerti kak😢

  14. allblack jk :

    Kak rekomendasi lipstick/tint velvet/lip tint nude dong..

  15. DrakorId Anyeog!

    Kak sunny! Channel yg inggris kasih subtitle indonesianya doong! ❤❤

  16. Mia Friedrich

    the metal straw! I love it 😍😍 sunny helps the planet!

  17. thomasmccarty09

    They sell that very same straw on Walmart.com n on Amazon:) its awesome.

  18. Barbrain Dani

    I miss you sunny! Hehe

  19. Kimchi Queen

    what happened under your eye?

  20. Sara

    Love love your earrings 😊

  21. lorne baird

    so perfect!!

  22. Klara Trianna


  23. Amberlly Sanchez

    Do makeup tutorials! Always love your makeup!!

  24. Alsela Puti Maaruf


  25. Kooky Bun

    You look so lovely omg!! Loved your video too and also how thoroughly you explained all the products~ Do you mind if I ask where your blouse is from? It is gorgeous!

  26. Selvia Sari

    Cukupppp, jangan racuni saya lagi 😢 tapi asli itu warna lip productnya cakep semua

  27. Joy Chang

    I am loving ur hair sunny omg 😍😍

  28. marina renia

    hi sunny, i love the way you talk in youtube, like old friends talking to the viewers… hahahaha;)
    But, on this video i'm too focused on ur earing, mybe its too much if put 2 long earings. (like left and right). too bling2 haha, but anywy i like ur style;)

  29. Jennie뉴요커제니

    너무 사랑스러워요 💖💖 U r so lovely and this video is very helpful!!!

  30. p12345

    i love your makeup today! the pink glittery eyeshadow is really cute!

  31. Miss A

    Black Pink's Jennie also wears Hera lip tints

  32. MyMagicalLittleUniverse

    You should try out opera's lip tint! It's amazing and i think you would like it

  33. QueenbeeJudith

    I love your blouse, it is so feminine and flowy.

  34. TySh

    I love mrs potts & chip back there..!! 😘🥰

  35. TheD

    You look absolutely gorgeous with light colored hair & a slight tan!!!! I miss your beauty contents!

  36. Petite Etoile

    I missed uu❤️❤️❤️❤️

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