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  1. Elizabeth Dunnigan

    Ive seen the summer friday but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I got the cloud paint on your recommendation and really like it so…..i guess I'm off to sephora:)

  2. Shelly Blanchard

    🍷On average I mask, oh, maybe twice a year. Guess I better get after it! You're encouraging me to change my ways. 🎭

  3. Joana Remine

    Great recommendations. I will be going to Lush 😍

  4. Cathy Jarvis

    My husband and I love spa time – we have used the LUSH Cup "O Coffee mask and the Pharmacy Honey Potion mask… that along with a glass of wine …. what more do you need?

  5. linda dee

    Thank You Cate :-)) oxoxox

  6. Nancy Tresch-Reneau

    Just picked up the Farmacy honey potion mask to try for the first time, all on your recommendation! Can't wait to get it from Sephora!

  7. Lori Abercrombie

    I used to make natural skin care for a business (until I crashed and couldn't walk for 6 months). My products were like Lush's. You made me miss my coffee mask so I'm going to order that and the Farmacy mask. Wish I could see your show! That would be all kinds of crazy!!! Have a good one! 🍾 🍷🤩

  8. Better Off Red

    #turkeyneck is a legitimate fear, girl. 😬

  9. Laura Libner

    I LOVE that Farmacy Honey potion masque! OMG I picked it up on the newest Sephora sale and tried the small size.. I LOVE THIS MASQUE more than any I’ve ever tried. Xo YAAASS Queen!

  10. Margaret Chambers

    You make me want to spend all the money!

  11. Rachel Olivas

    Love ya girl❤❤❤❤

  12. Anita Harvey

    Seeing a new video waiting from you…made my day!! Thanks for still posting while you're away working xox

  13. Elise Clopton

    My husband was unhappy with some skin irritation in his beard area. With his interest in clearing that up, I got him using some after shave with glycolic acid, lactic acid serum on non shaving days, good moisturizer, and more consistent use of spf. Last night, while we were at a local taproom, I made a little before and after photo collage to show him how his face is glowing now. He’s into it. Maybe next step will be retinoids…

  14. Holly B

    Love love love the honey potion 🍯 mask been using it for about a year and just can’t agree with you more about how amazing it makes your skin feel! 🥰

  15. BurgundyandBlue1111

    Those masks (and whatever else you do) is working for you! Your skin is bomb dot com!

  16. Kendra

    Your skin😍 #goalsforreal

  17. Natasha

    I have that Farmacy honey mask, but it's been dethroned by the I'm From Honey Mask. It smells sooooooooo good.

  18. Heba S

    Girl, you are speaking my language. I mask everyday, too! Have like over a dozen of them. From clarifying, brightening, exfoliating and moisturizing. Just to name a few lol. Love it! Love the Honey mask. See such a difference in our skin. And wasn't happy about the last episode of GoT. pretty much the whole season lol oh well. David and D.B. didn't ask me lol. Great video!

  19. Jane Parrott

    Where do you buy Summer Friday’s!

  20. Jane Parrott

    Eve really caused women much trouble!


    Thank you for another great inspiring video Cate.

  22. Jane Parrott

    Your two best attributes drop…no 3…your face and boobs!

  23. Jane Parrott

    QHope you are safe and well on board ship! Also hope you have a comfortable room! Love your videos! Wish I had a Lush store close to where I live but 1hour 45 minutes. I will buy theFarmacy mask! You are still the best!

  24. Ann C

    I have mad mask love. 1. I still have some DE Sukari baby facial left from an allure beauty box, because a little goes a long way. That stuff will eat your face off if you leave it on too long. Great product. 2. I love the Fresh rose mask so much that sometimes I fall asleep with it on. 3. I’m From Honey mask. It doesn’t heat up like the farmacy one, but it’s great.

  25. My life as Diane

    My husband had watched GOT from the beginning – soo I wouldn’t watch it because the glimpses I saw in passing Just looked like boring medieval sword fighting / then one night in the fourth season I was tired and went to bed early and he was watching it while I’m trying to sleep and Dany came on with her dragons – what is this? He says that’s Khaleesi – hmmmm I was hooked – he binged watched the first 3 seasons with me over the next week so I could catch up – and did not tell me about the RED Wedding 😡 I named our husky Khaleesi and oh Daenerys my Queen 😭😭😭. Anyway you’re beautiful- I’m getting that cup o coffee mask for sure!

  26. Elaine LeDoux

    How did I miss you??? That stupid bell 🛎 is supposed to ring…I mean some things are an emergency 🚨 like watching you!!! Ooo I want to try some of those masks….one at a time or my face will fall off. By the way my hubby watches you with me…he loves you and that’s going some because he ain’t easily entertained. When I yell OMG a new Cate he knows exactly what I’m going off about….he doesn’t know one other name on YouTube🤣😂😁

  27. laura b

    ok. you’ve sold me on the farmacy mask! i had a sample once. it was so good. i’m a touch too poor to purchase it right now so it’s gonna go in the cart with all the other damn i’m getting old products. the herbivore botanicals pineapple mask is great i think it’s called brightening? either way you are supposed to use it a lot! your skin looks amazing per usual! 😘😘

  28. Sarah Hubler

    Mmmmm, that honey potion mask. It’s the best mask on the planet. Manages to exfoliate, feel super warm and yummy, but it also moisturizers. It’s the best on the market.

  29. mollzz

    My new routine is watching your video while I sit in the parking garage, drinking my cup of caffeine before going into work. For the night shift. In the blood bank. Aka hell on earth, so thanks!! 😂 ps I want your skin

  30. AB FAB

    Ok I now need the fresh honey mask DAMN YOUUUUUU! 😳🤣😘 Good job Cate. 👍😘😘

  31. Ruthann P

    Masks are great but u can get very good masks for so much less, check out t j max.


    Love this, and you're the only youtuber my husband watches with me:), GOT finale:( we are so disappointed, ready for the spin offs!!

  33. Cathleen Smith

    Loving my Cup O Coffee mask!

  34. eve

    i have gotten a few masks on your recommendation, I made a special trip to lush in boston just for the cup of coffee mask! I have to tell you that I just got the "masque vivant" from biologique rescherche and it is pricey AND has a waiting list AND smells crazy, but it is amazing. I imagine a brown ale or stout would go well with it. you might want to just put yourself on the waiting list for down the road maybe, for the sake of… recherche?

  35. Tracy Lea Beauty

    Hi Cate! I can’t get my hubby to do a mask! He says he doesn’t need it! I told him his pores need it, but, he won’t do it! I was just laying down watching YouTube and you inspired me to get up and put a mask on! Thanks! You don’t have WiFi on the ship? What??? I thought you had everything! LOL. Hope you’re having fun!🌺🌺🌺

  36. Tara Ball

    I cannot tell you enough how in love I am with your hair!!!!! 😘😘

  37. Sylvie Gaudet

    Collecting your products from port to port…so basically you are telling me you're a pirate. Yar there be Cate The Great Beauty Pirate. She be collecting the secrets from the mermaids and be telling her tales across the seven seas. And swatchbuckling(see what did there) cloud paint. Grab a glass and Cheers! To the best lady pirate of them all.

  38. Sarah Stroud

    I’m on anxiety medication and I can’t drink on it or I’ll be naked dancing on a table 😂I’m living vicariously through you right now!!😀

  39. misstbikini

    So true! Big smooth and miss t bikini watch you cate! We laugh so hard sometimes

  40. Laurie Mc

    My husband loves when I give him a facial.

  41. Susan B

    I need to try one of these because the masks I’ve used don’t really do much exfoliation-wise. The Cup o’ Coffee mask sounds perfect. No wonder your skin is flawless and so radiant. I have to get on this asap 😉 Thanks for sharing Cate 💞

  42. Tammy Roy

    Hahahaha I mask every single day…….usually twice a day. And a huge variety. I have a drawer full of masks in my fridge. Just got my hands on the Lush cup of coffee mask and hell yes!!! I freaking love it – thank you ! 🥰
    I’ve been eyeing up that Farmacy honey mask for quite some time……so that just might be the next splurge😉 . My daughters and I love the Sephora sleeping masks – $5 CDN and I can get 4-5 applications – bonus!
    Just got a honey overnight mask from Cosrx and really enjoying that one as well.
    I just recently started Game of Thrones…….why oh why did I wait so long??? 🙈I’m on season 3 and getting big I told you so’s fro my son and nephew lol
    Thanks for another super fun video – you’re awesome!💖
    Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  43. cwm53

    Awesome video Cate. I love a good Zinfandel and a face mask. I buy a coffee bean/chocolate mask in CVS. It's a single use mask in a foil packet and it's moisturizing and purifying. Have a great week!

  44. Rebecca Smith

    Thx for this – always interested in good masks. Every time you cheers a product I think, this is the time the glass breaks, just sayin 😉😁

  45. Remy Pabila

    I only use sheet masks 🎭 will try those. Love you 😘 Cate!!

  46. Lourdes Selman

    Sipping a glass of Layer Cake Shiraz as I watch a video from lovely Cate, CHEERS everyone 🍷🍷🍷🍷

  47. Vivian Haag

    I bought the Lush cup O coffee mask on your recommendation about 2 months ago and I am so loving it💕💕💕than you

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