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  1. Kathryn Free

    You're freaking awesome. I too started just to commute and lose weight but then I just got addicted to it all and having a partner and best friend that lives to ride is really encouraging.

  2. Reynaldo Rivera

    Looking good.

  3. TerebiFan

    Thank you for sharing your story! It is very inspiring!

  4. buster bloodvessel

    i just carnt find the motivation to get on my bike,

  5. Neeraj Vasudeva

    Awesome 👏 👏

  6. ASID Popzz

    Plus, biking is FUN! No stupid weights to lift, no screaming leg muscles begging to stop being tortured, and the uphill climb or grind is always, ALWAYS rewarded with a fun downhill sprint! And how can I not talk about the absolutely glorious feeling of the wind in your face?? Biking is the way to go!! I'm 240 pounds (120+ kilos) now, and I think I've found the one way I can lose weight without getting depressed when I don't see results!

  7. mukhlis abdul

    I've just watch your video, it is inspiring. I hope I've the same resolution as you to lose weight. fingers cross.

  8. Mudasir Yaqoob

    i want to marry you

  9. Shaun Thorton

    300lb to 145 pounds, and formed incredible Calves…buy a bike and ride it. Thanks for video

  10. Selvar

    I was 260. Started mountain biking in 2010. Road biking in 2012. Was doing 3-4 rides a week. Got down to 180 in 2016. Now I ride a few times a year and weigh 260 again.

  11. Ricardo Espinel

    Remarkable, her face changed dramatically and looks much youger

  12. Metanoia

    Inspiring journey!I love the Vegan cycling Jersey. Where can I get those?

  13. Luiz Pedro Zamberlan

    I'm from Brasil, I Lost 20 kilos in 5 month, and now i love cycling.

  14. MrScottyAH

    I love this video. Not only are you a lovely lady, you also convey the joy that can be found in cycling in such an excellent way. 13 years ago I started cycling to get fit and 3 years later rode a bicycle across America. I think that is something you should do. Travel across a country or countries carrying everything you need. You would need a new bike and it wouldn't be as fast.

  15. patrick Clark

    she was very pretty before, But now shes healthy 🙂

  16. Ronaldo Paiva

    WOW, my congratulations.

  17. NoseKey

    Not to be a jerk… But you do look very attractive slim compared to your before pictures.

  18. john guzman

    My personal experience is that it takes lots of cycling to lose weight. Who has all that time? So i supplement cycling with at least 5 miles of running daily. 40 minutes of running along with 20 minutes of moderately vigorous cycling. It seems to keep the weight under control.

  19. Chris Biggers

    Anytime I see someone that's obviously overweight in the gym or on a bike, I always think good for them, they realize they have a weight issue and are doing something about it. I know they probably feel self conscious about it, but I hope they realize there are a lot of folks like me that admire them for taking the first steps.

  20. tito Hernandez

    Por años trate que mi ex novia pfanticara la bicicleta con migo y nunca quiso congratulations to you you looks great

  21. THE ROCK 10010

    I bought my bike yesterday, i'm back on track, also congratulations on your archivement! good video

  22. Diêgo D'mitry

    With respect, you're so beautiful.


    All ways gorgeous, choose which is the healthiest. I started cycling commuting to and from work 17 km a day at least, stopped devouring anything they call food and lost 20 to 100

  24. Saracen1974

    Hi katie, Hope you are well. I am a fat 45 year old bloke who has just purchased a bike to get fit and lose weight. I think you have done wonders, though in your first picture (blue bikini) I did not think that you looked that over weight. But you look greatt now. You are an inspiration to me so thanks for that.

  25. Sarah Gurnett

    How far do you cycle per sesson?

  26. Amjed Hussain

    Really beautiful girl as well as wonderful

  27. Amjed Hussain

    I like cycling

  28. Mike Morehead

    You are absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Great story.

  29. Jim Grow

    She is gorgeous. Before and after IMO

  30. kitchen,rock&roll

    great video motivated me to do daily cycling thanks!!!

  31. Charles B

    Great video, I've been trying to get people to see the benefits of cycling, not just weight loss, but over all health. It's hard to get people on board when technology makes people so lazy. Absolutely great video!


    Lose weight is pretty easy, u ride and burn 3000 and eat 1500 u r going down super fast, I was in my almost 300 pounds when i start riding, now I'm 199 pounds 😁😁😁😁, the best investment in my life was the bike, Keep riding 😁😁😁😁🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️

  33. man bearpig

    I've lost 30 lbs in the last 40 days, no soda, no sugar, no white bread, lots of bike riding and weight lifting

  34. man bearpig

    I thought you looked good both ways, I like a woman with a little curves

  35. Eirik Arnesen

    I dig your message… great job.


    What a great story!

  37. william d

    Wow! that's very inspiring! 😃

  38. AB Salami

    Thx for this it does really help boost my morale for cycling more despite every bump and disencouraging ppl around saying it's a waste and dangerous in roads etc …
    So yeah thx for your effort you put to get healthy and sharing your journey .

  39. Hijabi News

    You are an inspiration 💚

  40. John Taylor

    I rode for 14yrs .. I raced moutain bikes, rode 10, 25 and 50 mile TTs, did two events almost every week …. and trained on the road and turbo. I never lost weight just by cycling.

  41. Manzar Abbas

    Hey, hugely inspirational…thanks for posting the video…

  42. Jill Sanders


  43. Sabrina Aguinaga

    Katie, you’re it girl.
    You are my inspiration.
    I just moved to my first apartment here in LA, I’m now 8 mins away from a new job I love..only thing that’s now missing in my life is getting my health right and enjoying the zen of adventure. I’ve been thinking of riding to work since it’s only 3 miles away! I feel like I can do it. Cheers to encouraging me to do something for the first time. Hope it changes my life like it has yours!
    all love.
    Sabrina 💜

  44. Asbjørn

    Exelent riding, still one of the stupid ones that need to stuff what they eat into everyones face.. just effing stupid. Ride, have fun, eat whatever you want!!!

  45. Dylan Clements

    Amazing transformation well done 👍😊

  46. B. C.

    Congratulations! 🎉🎊🎈🍾

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