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  1. Gustav Thiele

    Does this include knee pain…specifically PFPS. I’m working out at gym to strengthen glutes and hamstrings.

  2. Annette Fowler

    Thank you Dr Berg.

  3. Lynette Young

    Reformer Pilates has helped me more with hip and quad strength than yoga ever did.

  4. Ashley Noelle

    You read my mind with this one Dr. Berg! Thank you for sharing this amazing video!

  5. Marky Mark

    my question is when I ride my bike on a weekday I get a bad case of sore a*s I did ask a couple others people that ride bikes if this is normal they said yes just rub it and move on

  6. Diogenes II

    This is off topic….but…if you like John Wayne, if you think climate change is a myth, if you like to go to church on Sunday and your pastor is (former) law enforcement officer with a horse-shoe mustache, if he preaches alot about gun rights, if you have numerous apparel with the American flag on it, if you like to talk about other people with a stench, if you think unproductive people are the most fertile, if the only thing that comes to mind when you think about a certain continent is Ebola virus and swine flu…well…does that mean… would I be correct to assume that you're a conservative Republican 🙏🏾☝🏾

  7. silva Barros

    They need to strenghen more the posterior chain, to compensate the over-developed anterior chain. Regarding to lower back pain, I think that's inevitable, due to the position they must engage while cycling, for a long period of time. Although, that pain can be reduced, with certain exercises to strengthen the lower back, as well as gluteus and hamstring; such as good-morning, deadlift (Romanian, conventional and sumo), hiptrust, kick-butt, Norwegian-curl, squat (front, back and goblet variations), and of course, hip flexors main exercises and stretchings, to keep those muscles on their optimal strength and length, as they're always tight due to constant contraction while cycling.

  8. Sylvain Auclair

    Do you know recumbents bikes and trikes, and velomobiles?

  9. John M

    For any sort of cycling, Downhilling is actually better for the legs and back, as a lot of the time you're upright, and things like tabletops and kick outs, flips etc, develop muscles better as well as giving others a break.

  10. Jayme Swearingen

    Thank you for thus video! I am a cyclist who has been experiencing lower back pain. I will follow your recommendations.

  11. lala lizz

    dr berg i started getting low back pain last year in august and it hasn't gotten better since. can u talk about people who hinge to much at the waist?

  12. Santhosh Ar

    Hello dr.berg, can u do a video on knocked knees please.

  13. forcommenting

    Exactly what I do… stationary bike for cardio, and yoga.

  14. Yang Piao

    The concept of balancing opposing muscles a critical aspect often overlooked by practitioners. I only found out about it through Neurokinetic Therapy. Glad to hear it mentioned elsewhere!

  15. Darmok

    Not sure what find of cycling he/she is doing but the butt is highly developed by climbing hills. Squats and other exercises help add strength too but nothing like roads with +5 degree slope that last for 10 miles or more (pieces shorter climbs together works too). I lived in CO so this was easy then and my butt muscles were stronger than my quads. Climbing also uses several muscles in the upper body, most of them in fact when you stand up (excepting the easily worked chest and biceps). The problem with pro cyclists is the weight imbalance is intentional as extra grams in the arms will slow you down over the course of several hours. Being on the bike for hours every day cause long term health issues as well …. Oh and briefly a couple of foods that many will not know the importance of for a cyclist: citrus (esp before ride), calcium (esp after)–huge difference in health and performance.

  16. Stable Stoic

    I combine mtn biking and calisthenics. With a low carb keto diet, works great. No pain.

  17. QTee

    Oh gawd you read my mind literally. I dont bike (anymore actually) because i can't- i have pain in those areas but not from biking. Anyway back to the vid

  18. S G

    How about Pilates?
    Yoga weirds me out, with ties that are contrary to my beliefs.

  19. ConspiracyBear

    And i heard cycling makes you gay. Might be the soy.

  20. Sylvain Riendeau

    Thank you.

  21. mike arasta

    Cycling is the worst thing for the body. It makes you age faster. The best cycling is sprint cycling. Same with running.

  22. Paulo G

    Ioga is great for everything like you pointed out and to this particular cycling issue brisk walking is a great complement.

  23. Denise Allison Stout

    You’re a genius

  24. Roughman

    Could you do a video on knee problems and how to recover cartilage? Thank you

  25. JR0752 Gamer

    Wow, a video that is non-keto and is exactly an issue I am having with my hips. Thank you Dr Berg! 👍🥇🏆💯🔥🏌️‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

  26. Lilly Pod

    That explains why my husband has no butt, atrophied backside of upper thigh, a hunchback and a head forward position.

  27. Philip Mc Adam

    Thank you for this as I do a lot of cycling as have stopped driving. I cycle about 20 miles or more a day. I was wondering if I was over doing certain muscles. Will watch the other videos on this. Thank you Dr Berg

  28. John G

    why are cyclists such Aholes

  29. Aisling Hayes

    I started cycling last year and it became my main mode of transport, after a year I began developing issues and I left the bike at home. I went back swimming which was about all my body could handle at the time and after six months I've almost broken free of most of the joint issues that came from cycling. For hips I would wear fins and do kick drills and lengthening as much as a I could through the core, from tips to toes, I wore fins for a lot of drills, especially backstroke as it really helped my extension and rotation. I highly recommend it for anyone with lower back and hip issues, just being able to extend and strengthen those muscles gently over time has seen so much improvement and given me great relief.

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