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  1. PlotagonRocks’ Channel

    i wonder if you’ll be making more games

  2. SknnyWolfPlaysYT

    I LOOOOVVEEE the choreography, the coaches look cool, and the background is BADASS

  3. neo tan chuan xi

    I kinda really don't understand how this is close to the MV

  4. Quý Dương Nguyễn

    Mamma mia, but this is Chinese version


    Fusion Dancing Queen and adeyyo

  6. Sammy Tigger

    Definitely not a fan of this one, but maybe it will kinda say something to me… Once I see the full choreography 🤔

  7. Tu canal random :v

    I thought it would be the best Just Dance of the times, but I was already disappointed because they haven't put on songs that we've all been waiting for, and since it's the tenth anniversary they would have put on the songs we all asked for

  8. WutDa Fak

    Ubisoft this is family game not women or LGBT game okay?? bring more male song !!!! And make us happy this is why your game low sale !!

  9. Philip Moore

    Did they just hit the nae nae? 🤦🏽‍♂️ that is so outdated and doesn’t fit this song at all lol

  10. BAILA CON ABI Gomez


  11. Wølf Ğäčhä Ğäměs

    Grecia=Monte Olimpo E passinho do Fortnite

  12. Presidenta Llama


  13. hambor12

    interesting that they're making new chinese songs

    not that i have any problems with it, i'd just be more interested if they freed stuff out of the Vitality School Vault like they did precisely one time with Bang Bang Bang.

    We still have no idea what Gee's routine looks like

  14. Sebastian Moreno Perez

    I don't know why but in some moments I see this background and choreography for the alternative of God Is A Woman

  15. Allan Souza


  16. Emmit Peterson

    We need behind the scenes plz

  17. K Ö K Ö

    Puro kpop de chicas uwu

  18. илюша Янковский

    outfit: 5/10
    song: normal
    backround: beutiful
    colors: 9/10
    total: 7/10

  19. Agustina Rodriguez perez

    K-pop bicht

  20. Legoboy 2002

    This background looks similar to Taki Taki

  21. Kazi Latif

    P2 = No tears left to cry 2.0

  22. Kpop Room

    Even tho I’m not part of the JD community anymore I gotta say, this is one of the best choices Ubisoft made for this series of just dance

  23. Ari’s Bloodline

    One of my favs

  24. Bruno Yugue Cardoso

    Style of "Tel Aviv'' ??

  25. _r_ 302

    I like this choreo and the other K-Pop-choreos like I Am The Best are just great, but I think this is more like Just Dance Korea 2020 than JD 2020. You know, I like some good KPOP, but when it's so much than I don't know where this is going to…
    It's nice to have KPoP but enough is enough…


    BLACKPINK 2NE1 TWICE AND JOLIN this game a bop 👏🏾

  27. MiloYoshi

    Basically Addeyo

  28. Marcone O 54445

    Hey Mama alt+ Dancing Queen= Ugly Beauty

  29. Antonio FazbearYT

    Which country now this?

  30. Raúl LIU

    I like this song and Jolin , but I don't like this Choreography .

  31. Alpha321 Murillo

    Adeyo 2.0

  32. jajajajajajhdgej jsyeyw

    Reminds me of addeyo because of the background and outfits.

  33. Sara Gillies

    i really don’t get why most of the songs in the new games aren’t english when the game original IS english. i totally get that just dance has a diverse audience but why is there so little english songs now. i don’t understand.

    (i wish they made different just dance games for different languages so that most of them weren’t foreign)

  34. Anderson Nguyen

    Ugly Beauty —-> AC Oddysey

  35. Alexander Lara-perez

    I would like play from jolin tsai from vitality school

  36. Amber Princess Warrior est 2015

    Well that's new. Chinese song in English just dance. 🤔

  37. Matthew

    Background looks so cool!

  38. happy onceu

    Wow. TWICE, 2NE1 and then Jolin Tsai.

    That game will be a bop.

  39. Ryan LIFE


  40. Brandon Mick

    Yess she’s back

  41. Hansuke San

    I thinked was "Get Ugly" and now im sad

  42. Alejandro Gómez

    Please señorita in just dance 2020

  43. seweryn zelent

    One of the best choreo

  44. Kamil Jaśkiewicz

    I think that Just Dance always brings a song which is related to the theme of Assassin's Creed, in JD2019 we had OMG with egyptian theme (AC Origins) and in JD2020 we have this song with ancient Greece theme (AC Odyssey). I've heard that next AC will take place in ancient Rome, so… 😁

  45. Соня Иванова

    Will there be bts?

  46. Adrián Andrade

    Aye, my girl Jolin Tsai and her second song on the game

  47. Flygon

    Can I say that this is just Dancing Queen and Adeyyo combined? But I like it.

  48. GONGAS M.

    this is suppost to be a 10 aniver. ! just dance in last 7 songs i dont know any one , plz put more classics in this game like : senorita ,bad guy , swalla , no guidance , 7 rings , loco contigo and many more! is 10 years and this feel like another just dance game that we all receive all year…

  49. it's Neko

    happy more chinese songs are getting in the game! great job!

  50. xbartolo

    After the announcement from E3 I thought it would be the best just dance, now I think it will be just as bad as 2018 😊 Nice backgrounds and costumes for boring songs

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