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  1. Jim Ruiz

    Omg thank god for this brave woman, who without this story, may have never been told. Thank you.

  2. Amazing Amy

    Danger excites me lol

  3. Debi Sayer

    "The House That Rob Built." Awesome! Thank you, Alex! You rock!

  4. Lisa Flah

    Excellent film. RIP to all our soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and prayers to all their families and fellow comrades in arms.

  5. Lisa Flah

    A Free Press is the difference between Democracy and fascism, without it absolute power will corrupt absolutely just like today!!

  6. ron rankin

    A puff piece about how the corrupt criminal government send the military to enforce their will on a country that does not want it , a illegal war to make money for the likes of haliburton, and the rest of the military industrial complex. The only time murder is considered justified .

  7. Stephen Mitchell

    Reporters don't need to be in on operations, especially woman reporters!!! Scum of the earth reporters with agendas of Fame by destroying fighting men and the USA! Fake news and a diease of corrupt AntiAmerican Anti-Christian Anti-freedom and Anti-Constitution agendas lead by reporters and DemocRATS! Gentlemen that is the real news of the day….

  8. Eddie Phillips

    Mission Accomplished

  9. Gary D Flatt

    Very well done. 🐾

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